WATCH: Netflix original ‘Kingdom’ season 2 teaser is here

Netflix’s first original Korean series Kingdom released its new trailer for the long-awaited season two on Monday. It is about a zombie plague during the dynastic Joseon period.

Photo courtesy Netflix

In the trailer, the infection continues to spread throughout Korea. Main character Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) is on the quest to save unaffected areas, and along the way, unravel the mystery behind the plague.

The Crown Prince also returns to his hometown, Hanyang (present-day Seoul), to deal with the power-hungry Cho Hak-Ju (Ryu Seung-ryong) and his daughter, the queen consort (Kim Hye-Jun).

Photo courtesy Netflix

The South Korean series premiered last year, January 25th.


Kingdom Season 2 is coming soon on March 13. Only on Netflix.

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