WATCH: Bill Gates says ‘we are not ready for the next epidemic’ in his 2015 TED Talk

“We are not ready for the next epidemic,” American Business Magnate and Philanthropist Bill Gates said during his 2015 TED Talk.


As the world continues to wrestle off the fast-spreading coronavirus (COVID-19), Bill Gates’ relevant 2015 TED Talk resurfaced online.

In this 8-minute long talk, Gates tackled the then-status of the world on epidemic preparedness and its effects when we fail to take immediate action.

“If anything kills over ten million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war—not missiles, but micros,” Gates said.

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He then urged the global community to invest in the following key elements that will play a huge role in combating epidemics:

  • Strengthen Health Systems (especially in poor countries)
  • Create a medical corps
  • Pair medical & Military
  • Run Germ Games (Educational Simulations)
  • Step up research & developments

“The failure to prepare could allow the next epidemic to be dramatically more devastating than Ebola,” he continued.

The following might be costly, however, it will be modest compared to the monetary repercussions on, during, and after an epidemic crisis. He estimated that the world could lose trillions of dollars, as well as thousands and millions of deaths.


Nevertheless, Gates ended his talk with a positive note on how the Ebola outbreak is a wake-up call for us to become more ready for the next outbreak.

But with the grapple against coronavirus (COVID-19) our world today faces, did we really listen and learn from this?


Watch his full video to know more.

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