WATCH: Singer-actress Angeline Quinto sells food, drinks, and goods on the streets of Manila

In her latest YouTube video, singer-actress Angeline Quinto went out into the streets of Manila to relive one of her most treasured childhood memories—ang paglalako (act of peddling).

Quinto came up with the idea after reminiscing how she and her friends used to sell drinks and snacks way back grade school.

To relive that memory, she went around the streets of Manila and sold food and goods, starting with sticks of barbeque, isaw (pig/chicken intestines), and betamax (pig/chicken blood). Then, she steered a food cart along the busy streets to sell more food and drinks, including Buko juice and Fish Balls/Qwekqwek/Tempura. She also pushed another cart that carried various household items.

By night time, Quinto stationed beside a convenience store to sell some balut (fertilized duck egg). She then concluded her paglalako adventure by hopping into a motorcycle and delivered some items as a GrabFood driver.

Blayce Malaya

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