WATCH: VR reunites grieving mother with her dead daughter

No parents should have to bury their child, as the saying goes.


Sadly for Jang Ji-sung, a South Korean mother, she had to go through the pain of having to bury her seven-year-old daughter, Nayeon. The little girl died three years ago.

But thanks to our advanced technology today, Jang was able to reunite with her deceased child.

Aired Last week via South Korean broadcaster, MBC, Meeting You is a documentary show featuring a mother meeting her virtual reality daughter.

In this tear-jerking preview, we can see Jang talking to her daughter, and even attempting to touch her. “I wanted to touch my daughter. I tried to hold her hand and stroke her face,” she said in an interview.

The production team of the show took eight months to develop the virtual reality (VR) simulation. Using motion capture technology, they recorded the movements of a child actor who models the virtual Nayeon and has reproduced her voice.


After her experience, Jang said that while it wasn’t actually her daughter, it felt like she saw her daughter “at the moment.” It also taught her not to miss her child anymore, but to love her more instead.

Nayeon was the third among the four children of Jang. She was diagnosed with a rare disease called haemochromatosis. This medical condition absorbs too much iron from their diet, causing iron overload and damaging many organs that may lead to death. With no available cure, the seven-year-old sadly passed away in the autumn of 2017.



—(Source: South China Morning Post)

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