TWICE to reveal its daring, darker side on ‘Eyes Wide Open’ album


South Korean girl group TWICE said Monday, October 26, that its upcoming full-length album “Eyes Wide Open” will likely surprise fans with the band’s darker and bolder side.

“It portrays the danger and anxiety that come from standing on the boundary between the good and bad,” rapper Dahyun said in a series of questions and answers sent to the press before the album drops at 6 PM (KST).

“It also captures a provocative ambience that boldly crosses the line, which I feel that a lot of people will be surprised by seeing a new TWICE that they’ve never seen before,” she said.

Mina, one of the group’s Japanese members, said the band shifted away from its signature upbeat demeanour and delved into a darker area with the new album.

“(We) sang about the insecure and uneasy sentiment that TWICE has never shown. Everyone has both a bright side and an insecure side,” Mina said.

The 13-track album is the band’s first full-length album in three years and includes collaborations with British artist Dua Lipa and South Korean singer-songwriter Heize.

Teasers released ahead of the album release show the group’s nine members — Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu — with more mature looks, wearing all-black dresses and grey suit-inspired outfits.

The main track “I Can’t Stop Now,” written by agency chief Park Jin-young and composed by Melanie Joy Fontana and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, captures an uncontrollable mind conflicted between good and darkness, according to JYP.

Dahyun explained the main track is a retro-style song with intense instrumental sounds.

“It’s a synthwave genre that blends European electronic sound and the 1980s U.S. synth sound. Once you hear it you’ll probably be humming it,” she said.

The band’s members also said they also attempted to visually play out the retro ambience through their outfits and music video.

Jihyo said the group attempted to showcase the retro vibe through bold styling in the music video. Simultaneously, Sana chipped in, saying the music video comes with many visual attractions, such as a vast flower set and a set replicating a subway platform.

When asked about their favorite tracks, they would like to recommend, Jihyo and Chaeyoung picked “Hell in Heaven” while Nayeon and Mina chose “Say Something.”

The group’s members asked fans to look forward to their first full album in years and voiced disappointment at not meeting them in person.

TWICE is scheduled to hold a live meeting with fans at 8 PM (KST) streamed on V LIVE and YouTube.

The nine-member band will be doing its promotional activities without Jungyeon, who will temporarily sit out due to anxiety issues.

In an October 20 post on the group’s official Instagram account, Jungyeon left a message thanking fans for the group’s fifth anniversary and said she looks forward to returning soon after her recovery.

—(Source: Yonhap)


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