VISIT: 24/7 Karaoke Lounge in CDO, The Cave


Kagay-anons, looking for a new chill spot for you and your friends to hang out and unwind this weekend? Visit The Cave Karaoke & Lounge located at The Warehouse, alongside Corrales Avenue.

Aside from the comfy sofa lounge and high-end karaoke, they also feature a Smart TV that lets you play videos on Youtube or watch movies on Netflix. Each room also has its own clean comfort room.

The Cave rates range from Php 250 (5-10 pax) to Php 600 (30-35 pax).

You might also want to try out their customer favorites: Kinilaw, Sisig, Garlic Chicken, Crispy Pata.


They’re open 24/7!


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Blayce Malaya

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