CANDIDSHOTS: Kagay-anons commemorates All Souls Day 2019

One of the oldest and continuing Filipino tradition, All Saints Day and All Souls Day has yet filled the cemeteries around the City of Golden Friendship with hundreds of visitors coming together from different parts of the world.

Dubbed as Kalag-kalag in local language, this 3-day (usually, people start visiting as early as Oct 31) holiday also meant to reunite families who most likely haven’t seen each other for a long while.

As I hopped around from one cemetery to another to visit some of my deceased relatives, I also took random photos; candidly capturing how Filipinos, particularly the Kagay-anons, commemorate their fallen loved ones.

Check out the photos below:

Sendong Memorial in Golden Haven. Built in the year 2012, almost a year after one of the deadliest typhoons that hit the island of Mindanao. Engraved in these thirteen (13) pillars are hundreds of confirmed dead names.

Public Advisories & Reminders. As hundreds of people flock around different cemeteries in the city, the local government unit, as well as the authorities, keeps a watchful eye to ensure the safety of everyone.

Get-together. Families and some distant relatives come together to commemorate the deceased members, as well as to reunite.

Lone Visitor. An elderly lounging around a loved one.
Illuminate. As the sun sets, along with the grey clouds hovering over CDO, hundreds of candle lights start to flicker.
Camping Out. Kagay-anons whose loved ones laid to rest in Divine Shepherd gathers around and sets up tents despite the looming dark clouds.

In Flames. Melting and sweltering candles alongside the makeshift ‘Big Cross’ continues to shed light as the sun finally settled in for the night.


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Blayce Malaya

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