Tableya Ni Mommy Sha: A 3rd Generation Sikwate Heiress


Most often, dedicated mothers tend to forget the hobbies they used to love and enjoy as soon as they have their firstborn child. Responsibilities in making sure the welfare of the family comes first bury down the talents and skills they spent mastering in their younger years. But for Mommy Sha, she refuses to spoil away her God-given talent and inherited family tradition.

Take a closer look at this Micro-Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) owner who started from making tableya drinks for her friends to a beloved business owner in the city.


Tableya Heiress from Bohol

Sikwate Corner at SM City Uptown

With a little push from her friends, Sharon Orias, fondly known as Mommy Sha, started producing her homemade Cocoa drink or Tableya business in September 2016.

By then, Mommy Sha was already part of the Modern Nanay of Mindanao, a mother support organization dedicated to advocating breastfeeding and other natural infant and young childcare. Friends from the same organization were also the ones who encouraged her to make a profit out from her tenderly hand made sikwate.

A native from Bohol, Mommy Sha brought her inherited family tableya recipe to the City of Golden Friendship. Her grandparents were fond of drinking the cocoa drink rather than the usual coffee every morning. Passing on to her mother, Mommy Sha witnessed how her mother’s homemade tableya became famous around the neighborhood.

It started from her close circle of friends to the members of the organization and into the online sphere. Today, it has gradually known not just the local patrons, as well as national and international sikwate enthusiasts.

Mommy Sha started her business venture with three-kilo cocoa she brought from the local market. Diligently processing her craft, Mommy Sha spent burning the midnight oil in creating her tableya. Despite the advancement of the modern machines, Mommy Sha opts to do it traditional way to maintain the genuine taste of the tableya. “Kung gusto ko mag stick ang taste sa akong tableya, di nako ilisdan akong traditional process. Kinaraan ang making [sa] sikwate—native na pag himo,” Orias shared. 

Which means, from roasting to molding and packaging, she single-handedly processed everything using her bare hands. It may have been complicated and takes more time, but it is what makes her product unique and makes her buyers come back for more.


More Than Just A Mother

Mommy Sha is also a tableya-making descendant who wants to continue her family’s legacy amidst her life as a hands-on mother. This, however, is not an easy task. For two years into running her business, she’s able to juggle her manual production and taking care of her two kids.

Sharon Orias AKA Mommy Sha

All her hard work slowly paid off after knowing her product made it nationally as well as internationally. She has resellers from Luzon, particularly in Cavite, Parañaque, Makati, and Quezon. Tableya Ni Mommy Sha is also being exported to London, Australia, and Saudi Arabia through OFW customers.

Aside from online selling and meetups, she also caters events such as weddings and birthdays and wholesaling to retailers. For interested bulk buyers, she usually asks for at least three days of allowance to able to meet their expected quantity, at the same time maintain the quality of the tableya.

Talking about her future plans, Mommy Sha is hopeful to soon open her own Sikwate Cafe here in the city. She also plans to create sikwate variants such as chocolate tableya and cold brew sikwate, which is of course, still handmade.

Siguro mag duplicate lang ko sa tao, dile sa machinery.”

—Mommy Sha

Furthermore, visions to branch out into different cities and hopefully internationally.


Her message to all the Nanays

“For the mothers, if they have hidden talents from their parents or grandparents, they should show it,” Mommy Sha stated as we wrap up the interview. “It doesn’t mean you are a housewife you’ll remain hidden inside. Naa man pod ta’y right na mugawasipagawas atong mga talent.”

She, however, wishes to have started the business much earlier while her kids were still not around. The workload could have been less compared to now. Although today, she already has two assistants which she trained on how to peel and roast the cocoa.

She further remarked to include honesty and good service, prayers, and looking out to the welfare of their employees.

Gawas didto para ipakita imong talent.”

For inquiries and orders, you can reach out to Mommy Sha through the following: Facebook/tableyanimommysha or (0935) 278 4500.

You can also visit the following stores: Ginama Store (Gaston Park), Happy Earth Store (Lane 101 Masterson Avenue), Nany Choleng’s Muron (Ororama Branch).

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