Show That You Care With National Letter Writing Day!

Handwritten letters—some may say they’re relics of the past while others consider them to be special notes that are only meant to be given to people close to you. Nevertheless, as generations passed, letter writing is slowly becoming obsolete thanks to the rise of digital messaging.

With this, let’s take December 7, which is celebrated as National Letter Writing Day as the perfect opportunity to look back on its history and appreciate it for what it is today.


Brief history

Writing began when cavemen sharpened stones by hand and used them to create drawings on cave walls. It easily became their way of record-keeping and monitoring successful hunts. Further down the timeline, ancient letters were delivered by messengers who traveled far and wide. And their messages weren’t the only valuable treasures that were at risk of being taken away—their lives were as well.

Caveman Painting Kobackpacko/


Thoughtful thoughts

Part of letter writing’s charms includes knowing that senders take time to compose their thoughts. With simply a pen, a piece of paper, and the absence of the backspace key, the stakes of writing without any spelling or grammar mistakes become so much higher. In addition to the words put into them, physical letters also serve as symbolic gifts for their recipients.

Not only does it act as evidence that you want to keep in touch with them, but it also sends the message that they’re worthy of your time, effort, and love (may it be romantic, platonic, familial, among others). As a bonus, you can even freely doodle anywhere on the paper.

But the most valuable reason to send letters may be to connect with them and improve your personal relationships. It’s a heartfelt way of apologizing, giving thanks, or sending words of encouragement to anyone who may need it.


Let someone know that you’re thinking of them and send a letter today!