Region 10 kickstarts the annual observance for the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women


On November 25, the Regional Inter-Agency Committee Against Trafficking, Child Pornography, Violence Against Women and Their Children (RIACAT-CP-VAWC)-10 launched the annual nationwide observance of the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women.

With the theme, “VAW-free Community Starts with Me,” the celebration kickstarted with a motorcade from Rodelsa Circle to 4ID Camp Evangelista, Patag (passing through Velez Marcos Bridge – LDCU – SSS – Patag – Camp Evangelista). Followed by an opening program held at 4ID Grandstand.


During the opening program, Rosemarie Conde of DSWD-10 assured that the provision of the agency’s quality residential social welfare service, protection and custodial care especially for women in difficult circumstances. Conde also mentions that the agency is to assist these women to become responsible and productive individuals, restore their social functioning, and help them become active members of society.


On the other hand, the Department of Justice-Parole and Probation Administration (DOJ-PPA)-10 Lawyer Rosa Lacanglacang said that this annual advocacy campaign “aims to promote awareness on the forms of violence girls and women experience.” And that women experience violence, no matter what age, color, ethnicity, disability, or economic status—violence is rooted in gender inequality.


Furthermore, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR)-10 has conducted its Regional Summit Against Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Here, the CHR reports,

A total of 707 existing violence against women (VAW) cases in the region with 575 RA 9262 violations and 68 rape cases based on the VAW generated data by the Crime Information Reporting and Analysis System as of November 2018.

In response, the CHR recommended increasing awareness & education, hiring psychologists, establishing mental health facilities, among others.


—(Source: Philippine News Agency – 10)

Blayce Malaya

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