Ramón Ang and San Miguel Corporation Donates Over Php 1B to Coronavirus Initiatives


Ramón Ang, Chief Executive Officer and President of Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc., San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) largest shareholder, personally donated Php 100 million to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. Moreover, “Project Ugnayan”, a collaboration between business groups and the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, also received Php 100 million from Ang and his family. Proceeds will be used to help economically displaced families in Metro Manila.


Despite this, Ang still shows no signs of slowing down or stopping just yet as he continues to run SMC’s operations. He reported that their progress is made visible to the public in order to provide reassurance that the government and fellow Filipinos will be receiving support as various organizations work together to diminish COVID-19’s impacts.

Ramon said in a statement that “With the resources that we have, we are in a position to help and provide essential relief, especially to our neighbors, in these difficult times. To use these resources well and put them to good use is the right and responsible thing to do.”

He continues, “Many families do not have the means to earn a living right now, so food is really a concern. By helping our LGUs and partner non-profit and charitable organizations bring food to those who need it, we hope that the most vulnerable families will have one less thing to worry about, especially since we are all mandated to stay in our homes.”

As of April 28, SMC has donated Php 1.147 billion worth of goods towards those heavily affected by the quarantine.

In addition to their previous donations, SMC also said that they will be donating five sets of testing machines and test kits to the Department of Health (DOH). This aims to help boost the capacity of critical government centers while plans are made to safely transition to the end of quarantine in the middle of May.

According to SMC, these additional RNA extraction systems and Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) should enable the government to conduct 11,000 daily tests in addition to their current 4,500. Manila’s San Lazaro Hospital, Davao’s Southern Philippines Medical Center, and Cebu’s Vicente Sotto Medical Center will receive one of the five sets each, while the remaining two will be given to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine located in Muntinlupa.



SMC’s most notable donations involve its partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to reach out to suppliers for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worth Php 500 million to be donated to medical front-liners. It also contributed 1,109,820 liters of 70% ethyl alcohol (amounting to Php 83.3 million), Protect Plus Gold disinfectant powder worth Php 15.37 million, and Php 5 million worth of emergency quarantine facilities for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).



Around Php 390.7 million worth of essential food items like bread, meat products, milk is continuously being donated. Likewise, there are also ongoing deliveries of Php 38.4 million worth of rice (1.1 million kilos). Moreover, a portion of Petron’s Php 3.8 million donated to the cause is also allocated for food. The remainder of which will be designated to assist hospitals and frontliners, scholars, and the Petron Value Card donation drive.



SMC Infra and Petron donated fuel worth Php 5.3 million to Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) LIBRENG SAKAY handog para sa ating mga Health Worker! Program. 473,894 total riders have been accommodated so far. Furthermore, 5,191 medical frontliners have also received Php 5.1 million worth of free toll at Philippine National Police (PNP) and AFP checkpoints.


Doing Our Part

In the midst of the pandemic, let us also not forget that fighting the coronavirus is a team effort. And as we honor the efforts and donations of SMC and other food brands, let’s not forget that we can also contribute to flattening the curve in our own ways. Do your best to stay healthy, safe, and at home.


Ang is a Filipino-Chinese businessman, with a net worth of 1.5 billion USD as of April 29, has been leading the conglomerate since 2012.



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