PNP chief to Quarantine violators: ‘no more warnings’


The Philippine National Police will now immediately arrest violators of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) without any warning.



PNP Chief PGen. Archie Gamboa said on Tuesday that those who disobey the protocols will not be warned anymore and will be subjected to proper inquest procedures once arrested.

Since the declaration of ECQ, March 17, the national police have recorded about 130,000 quarantine violators.

Under the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act, and Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code violators of the ECQ will be charged and penalized accordingly.

“These violations of the law carry with it appropriate penalties and fines,” said Gamboa in his online press briefing. “But what will be more burdensome for the violators are the tedious judicial process and the implications of a derogatory record to their personal criminal profile.”

With the rising cases of quarantine violations, Gamboa was pushed to assign more PNP-SAF and Armed Forces of the Philippines members in quarantine checkpoints.

“We should learn from the experience of other countries which prematurely relaxed the enforcement of lockdown and caused a resurgence in infections,” Gamboa said. “Let’s not be complacent.”


—(Source: CNN Philippines)