Philippine Independence Day Celebration in the time of COVID-19


The year 2020 marks the 122nd Philippine Independence Day Celebration. Held on the 12th day of June to commemorate the declaration of the nation’s independence from Spain in 1898, this specific national holiday celebrates liberty and patriotism to the Mother Land. Filipinos worldwide would usually pay homage by putting up Philippine Flags in their schools, parks, establishments, and even their homes.

This year’s Independence Day falls on a Friday. Being a regular holiday, it would have given Filipinos the time to spend the weekend off and relax in celebration of our freedom. However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Filipinos worldwide have no choice but to stay at home.


How, then, are Filipinos supposed to celebrate this significant event in our history? Here’s a few exciting things that one can do:


#1 Museums and Galleries

Heading to our local museums is not yet an option. However, with the help of technology, one can visit various museums and galleries through virtual tours. To name a few, the Presidential Museum and Library, the Museo de Intramuros, and the Ayala Museum offer said virtual tours. Explore the country’s rich culture and history in the comfort of your own home!


#2 Movies and Documentaries

The film industry has been producing high-quality films and documentaries that highlight Philippine history and culture. Now that we have the time and the means, why not take advantage of the situation? With online streaming platforms, you can watch films such as the acclaimed “Heneral Luna” or “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral.” Worth watching, too, are “Jose Rizal,” “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo,” and “El Presidente.”


#3 Games and Trivia

While at home, you can also prepare trivia games and charades to test your family member’s knowledge of Philippine history and its culture and traditions.


#4 Concerts and Events

Come on the 12th day of June, with the recent trend in staging online concerts and events for a cause, and you can expect musical productions and inspirational talks or lectures that feature the significance of freedom. Take part by listening to and watching their various performances. Then, do more by sending in donations for their respective advocacies.


In time, we will be able to stroll along the heritage streets of Vigan, ride the kalesa in Intramuros, and even go food-tipping with our friends. Until then, we have to stay in the safe confines of our homes. More than ever, we have to keep our patriotic hearts alive. Still, let us celebrate as one and hope for better days to come.

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