Now Telecom secures NTC approval


Manila, Philippines – Now Telecom Co. Inc. recently renewed its license to operate as a telecommunication company.

Listed as a NOW Corp. affiliate company, Now Telecom announced in a disclosure on Monday that National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) granted its the Cellular Mobile Telephone System (CMTS) license.

CMTS license grants an extension of its authority to “install, operate, and maintain” network and upgrade its existing system becoming a “nationwide wireless communications network”. This also allows the company to facilitate mobile telephony and multimedia transmission operation nationwide.

With the NTC’s approval, it shows the progressive efforts of the government in promoting competition and offering more options for Filipino consumers.

“We reiterate our belief that at present, there is an insufficiency in telecommunications facilities that can effectively address the needs for day-to-day real-time operations,” Pantoja said.


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Moreover, the company announced its earlier plans in offering 5G wireless broadband for the delivery of gigabit speeds to homes and enterprises.

At present, the country already granted CMTS license to four telecom companies including Smart Communications, Inc., Globe Telecom Inc., and Dito Telecom Corp.

—(Source: Business World)

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