Netflix & Chill Weekend: Elite season 3, Kingdom season 2 is now showing


‘Cause it’s better to stay and get cozy at home these days.


Here are two stream shows that will be out for you to binge over the weekend!


Élite | Season 3

Élite (stylized as E L I T Ǝ), a Spanish Netflix Original, is a thriller, teen-drama series directed by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona.

After their previous school’s building collapsed, the construction company grants scholarships to the students. Three working-class teens then enrolled in Las Encina, an exclusive private school in Spain, where they get caught in the crazy lives of the elite. However, the clash between them and the wealthy students, unfortunately, leads to an unfateful tragedy.

In season 3, another tragedy is about to come at Las Encinas after the culprit behind Marina’s murder has been exposed.


Kingdom | Season 2

Kingdom, the first South Korean Netflix Original, is a zombie-horror series based on The Kingdom of Gods by playwright Kim-Eun Hee.

The heart-pumping series follows a Crown Prince during the Joseon period in South Korean, who is caught in a political conspiracy. He flees the capital to investigate the man who is treating his father’s, the King, suspicious illness. However, his mission soon took a hard turn when he found himself in the middle of a flesh-eating epidemic.


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This season 2, the crown prince returns to the capital in attempts to save his hometown, as well as deal with the power-hungry Minister and his daughter, the Queen Consort.

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