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Among the 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, there are tons of hidden gems to discover at the tip of your fingertips. Apart from entertainment, you can also learn new things in the platform that could either enhance your skills or help you acquire a new one. Just keep in mind, though, that whatever you decide to learn, practice will always be your key to mastery.

Here are eight basic skills from thirty channels you can learn on YouTube for free. Check them out!


1 | Basic home repairs

You can start learning from simple home repairs such as fixing slightly damaged furniture to putting up a bookshelf to repainting your room. If you’re up for an advance repair, you can look for basic plumbing, troubleshooting WIFI routers, installation of electrical devices, to name a few. Take precautions especially on handling electrical wires and/or appliances. If in doubt, you can always call for professional help.

For starters, you can check out these three channels:


2 | Self-defence

Self-defense is especially essential for the ladies confronted with unfortunate situations. Whether you’re going home late from work or a night out, everybody needs to know how to protect oneself and prevent others from inflicting them harm. Aside from that, self-defense can also help overcome fear and heighten awareness of one’s surroundings.

Here are three channels to check out:


3 | Graphic design, photo-editing, and video-editing

For those who are planning to take a degree in graphic designing, film, or any digital media-related degree, you might want to have a headstart and learn the basics. Regarding the tools to use, there are tons of free software you can use/download to help you practice, such as Canva and Photopea online for graphic designing/photo editing and DaVinci Resolve for video editing. Check out these channels for starters:


4 | Cooking

Since the beginning of lockdown, tons of people stuck at home have turned to YouTube for easy-to-cook recipes. From frying the perfect sunny-side-up egg to upgrading canned goods to appetizing and visually pleasing meals, tons of channels have emerged for users to discover. You can start your self-taught cooking by checking out these channels:


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5 | Revisiting your favorite subjects

Want to refresh your memories on your favorite subjects? You can browse hundreds of thousands of YouTuber creators who have made some creative efforts on publishing helpful content for various subjects, such as Math, History, and English. Moreover, there are also tons of curated content for kids via its YouTube Kids app. There, parents are assured that all the videos their kids will access are child-friendly.

Not sure where to start? You can start by checking out these channels:


6 | Play a new instrument

What’s great about learning instruments is that you can never be too old to start. If you have available instruments at home that you were supposed to learn a long time ago but had no time for it, today is the day to get started. Grab your guitar, dust off your old piano, or take out whatever hidden musical instrument you have, and discover hundreds of talented instrument teachers across the platform:


7 | Calligraphy

Take a break from typing and get your pen and paper. Aside from being one of the oldest visual art, Calligraphy is also classified as a good stress reliever. As long as you have a pen/marker/pencil and paper, you can practice calligraphy. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Also, it’s easier for us to send our friends and loved ones messages because of instant messaging and chats, but wouldn’t be thoughtful if you’re going to write them a hand-written letter? If you’re interested to learn the basics, you can check out these channels:


8 | Improving your critical thinking

Critical Thinking is probably one of the skills an individual should master in his/her lifetime. It is the ability to analyze the way you think and present evidence for your ideas, rather than simply accepting your reasoning as sufficient proof. It is especially important to enhance this in today’s time of widespread misinformation and pseudo-news. By improving critical thinking, an individual can have much better control of their own thoughts, as well as have open-mindedness and empathy towards other people’s perspective.

Check out the following channels below and help make the world a more reasonable place to live:


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Remember that everyone has different learning styles, so don’t hesitate to experiment on self-learning to figure out how you can learn. Let us know what you’re learning in the comment section below!

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