The Little Things And Wondrous Places You’ll Miss After Graduation


Congratulations on making it this far, seniors!

Now, it’s time to take your well-deserved summer break before you embark on your college journey. In fact, why don’t you sit back, relax, and take the time to appreciate all the wonderful experiences you’ve had so far before you take your first few steps in the life that’s ahead of you? Here’s a list of things you’ll miss about high school:


Always having your friends nearby

More likely than not, you always had the same classes together—making them literally one call (or passed a piece of paper) away.


Dreaming about the future

At this point, it was up to you to answer the most popular question of all time, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” After all, you’re not a little kid anymore.


Extra time off

Summer break, semestral vacation, going home to your home town for Christmas break—you name it! Oh, and let’s not forget all the school holidays too.


Film showing

What else is there to do when your class got through every lecture and reading material for the year before graduation comes? Bonus points if your teacher let the class choose what to watch for the day.


Extracurricular activities

There was always something for you, regardless of your interest. You could join the school marching band, cheerleading team, debate team, student government, publication, and more. The possibilities were endless!



Remember the time you took decorating your own locker, sitting at your favorite lunch spot, and getting ready for prom night? Those were the days where you simply had to make the most of what you’ve got.


Field trips


It was your chance to break free from the four walls of your classroom and explore the world. Forget homework, there were things to see and places to be!


Having a daily schedule

Everything was laid out for you. Each class ran for approximately one hour. You had recess and lunch with your friends. And finally, off you went to extra-curricular activities once the last subject was done.


The teachers

We all had our favorites, not-so-favorites, and a fair share of substitutes from time to time.


But most of all, you’ll miss your favorite study and co-working, hangout, and scenic spots. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?


1 | Librewry Cafe at Hallasgo Building, Pabayo St.

Good food, great environment, and lots of bookshelves! Truly one of the best places to prepare for that upcoming test or simply chilling and reading a book you just can’t put down.


2 | Chingkeetea at Grand Central Building on Pabayo-Hayes St. and Velez Gaerlan St.

One of the most popular go-to spots for creatives from all over the city. Be inspired and stay inspired by the Art Fairs and Poetry Nights.


3 | Dave’s Beanery Cafe at Promenade Building Highway Kauswagan

There’s no other place you can learn to truly appreciate the beauty of wood and the art of interior design. Plus, where else can you find cake and pizza in the same place?


4 | Bowties & Butter at A.B. Santiago Building, corner Velez-Gaerlan St.

In the mood for cheeseburgers, chicken wings, or deep-fried Oreos? Then it’s time to drop by this American-inspired diner and look for your favorite comfort food! There’s really no reason to stay hangry.


5 | The Studio Art Cafe on the 3rd floor of Marcoso Building along Corrales Avenue

Dubbed the “most instagrammable” cafe in the city—and for a very good reason! How often did you visit this safe haven made by students just like you?


6 | Eden’s Solace at Upper Sumpong, Indahag

Check out a 180-degree view of CDO while the sunset gradually transitions into a dazzling sea of city lights. Truly, there’s nowhere else you can simultaneously enjoy the cityscape and catch up with your loved ones.


7 | Mapawa Nature Park at Malasag, Cugman

Watch adrenaline junkies rappel from a waterfall, speed past you on horseback, and jump off a cliff all in one day! Those who prefer a much more relaxing pace would also be seen strolling through and enjoying the greenery.


8 | Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village at Malasag Hill, Cugman

How could you ever forget the village that’s home to various indigenous artifacts and Philippine fauna and flora? It even has eco-trails and a bird sanctuary.


Where would you go to relive fond memories with your barkada?

You may be closing this chapter of your life, but that doesn’t mean your friendship has to end too. Invite your best friends to hang out before you go your separate ways to take entrance exams for different colleges and universities.