WHAT TO DO: Semestral Break


Ah, sembreak. A week of freedom, a week of relaxation. A short break that everyone should make the most out of it.


Check out the list we’ve made that you might consider doing this semestral break!

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Exercise. With all the junks and sweets that you have indulged your body in during stressful weeks, you might want to consider shaping back up. Get back on track with your physical health through exercise. It doesn’t need to be intense, though. Simple workouts such as jogging, walking, stretching, dancing, or yoga will do.

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and while you’re at it, spend a week with a healthy diet of veggies and no meat.


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Decluttering. As excruciating this tedious task can be, now that you have an ample of time back, it’s time for you to clean up. Categorize your things accordingly and divide them into three sections: what to toss, what to keep, and what to donate. Also, you can sell things that are still in good shape but you no longer use.

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Look out for those expired products as well that still sits on your desk or hide somewhere in your closet. For the love of God, please throw them already!


Apply for a short job. Since you barely have a week left, earn extra cash through short-term jobs such as data encoding, online content writing, or transcribing. If you have extensive knowledge about certain topics or skills, you can also try offering tutorial services.

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Plan your next semester ahead. While you have a lot of time, why not plan your next semester. Through this, you’ll know what to do and avoid potential conflicts and study cramming.


If you have thesis projects, look for topics; for interns, start preparing your resume and submit it to companies ahead of time; utilize your prospectus by reviewing possible topics and fill up your knowledge bank.


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Do some volunteering. This semestral break, find a cause you care about, and perhaps you can spend a week on supporting them. Other options include volunteer to clean up the beach, help out at a nursing home or animal shelter, or deliver meals to the elderly or street kids.




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Learn a new sport. Through this, you’re also able to stay physically active and avoid sleeping all day.

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Self-study. Another way of preparing for the next semester is by studying your upcoming subjects. Moreover, explore and discover thought-provoking topics that you can find in online platforms such as Youtube and Khan Academy.

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Learn a new skill. Discover your hidden talent by initiating that first step in learning. A lot of skill to choose from such as baking, cooking, painting, public speaking, self-defense, and foreign language.

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Build something. If you already have an existing skill that you want to further improve, why not spend the whole week on honing it? Build a website or a computer program for the programmers; build a new house for your dog to enhance your carpentry skill; or fix your old bicycle.



Discover a new hobby. Savor your week off from academics and discover new hobbies. You could cultivate and start your own mini garden; learn to play a new instrument; loosen up into the beat through dancing (or singing); indulge yourself with new creative outlets such as photography, videography, or painting; appreciate surrounding through people-watching or stargazing.

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Cross-stitching is also a good hobby to consider—proven to be beneficial for the wellness of mental health. Some of these benefits include focus, calm, and stress reduction. Moreover, cross-stitching will also take you away from the screen.


Feed your curiosity. Instead of just wasting all your time scrolling aimlessly through your social media feed, why not use some of it in learning something you haven’t learned before?

Feed your curiosity by researching or watching educational videos and talks. A lot of creators nowadays have spent producing informative content along with artistic and quirky animations.

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If you don’t have any topic, in particular, you can always try Google Deep Diving. However, be careful on your cyberspace trip.



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Don’t worry, you still have time to go on a spontaneous 3-day out of town trip—and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can either go hiking or trekking or camping by the seashore or in the middle of refreshing lush trees. Road trips are something to look forward too, especially when accompanied by a loved one, family or friends. Strolling around the neighborhood after you clean your room will also do, plus its a good exercise.



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Shopping. Go on a wild adventure inside shopping centers. 

If you’ve been frugal for the last couple of weeks and have saved up a handful, maybe you want to take a break and spend a day or two of shopping spree. Shopping is also a good stress-reliever (Note: only if you have a lot of extras). Nevertheless, it’s also a good time to shop early Christmas gifts to avoid long lines.

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However, if you still want to be thrifty, explore the nearest ukay stores.


Try a new look. Stress has been your company for the last couple of days, and for sure it has gotten under your skin, like literally. Replenish your overall appearance and pamper yourself on a self-care spree.


You can also try getting a new haircut for the new upcoming new semester. New hair, new me, right?


Catch up with your friends. Because of the piling projects, tight schedules, and overloading school works, you might haven’t seen your close-knit friends for a while now. To catch up with the lost time, go on a day or two of hangouts, go on a road trip, or get wild on a KTV bar. Explore new restaurants and go on a food trip; plan a picnic or camping; spend hours and hours talking inside a cafe or watch the latest movie in the cinemas.


Now Showing: (as of October 16)

  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
  • Isa Pa with Feelings

Cooming Soon:

  • October 23 – Zombieland: Double Tap
  • October 30 – The Addams Family; Terminator: Dark Fate


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Read books. Hibernate in the comforts of your own bedroom and read those books you’ve been craving to read for the last couple of weeks. Now that your schedule is free, you can go on an adventure through the words of your favorite authors. Finish them all in a week, immerse yourself into each character’s world.



Netflix and chill. And I mean literally.

/SpongeBob SquarePants

Here are some new shows and movies on Netflix (click here for more):

  • In the Tall Grass (October 4)
  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (October 11)
  • The Laundromat (October 18)
  • Dolemite Is My Name (October 25)


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Catch up on sleep. With all the projects, school requirements, in addition to preparing for finals, you’ve lost tons of hours of sleep—why not catch up on it? Recharge, feel refreshed, doing things on a sembreak is not a requirement.

Besides, you deserve it!


Do absolutely NOTHING. Again doing something on your break is not a necessity. You don’t have to be productive nor travel nor spend your money and energy. You can absolutely do nothing.


Take this opportunity to slow down and appreciate every little thing in life. Pause and take in the things you haven’t noticed in the past couple of days because you were too busy. Reflect on the things you’ve done so far, on the things you haven’t, and on what you have failed to do. Take note of the things you needed to improve as soon as possible and appreciate the blessings you’ve had so far.

Savor the slow-paced moments—on waking up to the sound of your grumbling tummy because you overslept, not because of the nuisance sound of your 5:30 AM alarm.


Have a great vacation!

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