LIST: 11 Must-have bouquets this Valentine’s Day 2020


Happy Valentine’s Day, love birds! Which of the following bouquets do you want to receive?

1 | Classic bouquet of roses


2 | Flowers and chocolates in one

What’s the use of flowers if you can’t eat them, right? /Facebook


3 | Roses wrapped around with chocolates

You can also wrap chocolates around the flowers instead. /


4 | Donuts

Donuts on bouquets ’cause why not? /


5 | His favorite drink plus pulutan

Perhaps he likes to receive a bouquet too. /


6 | Another version of drink & pulutan bouquet

When she prefers the black label over the red petals. /Pinterest


7 | Her favorite beauty products

Surprise her with her favorite beauty products. /Pinterest


8 | Rush order from your partner’s favorite fast-food restaurant

You can also opt to wrap all her favorite combo meal in a bouquet. /


9 | From bucket to bouquet

Chicken wings, you say? /


10 | His/her favorite fruits in a bouquet

Strawberry coated with chocolate /


11 | Twenty Thousand Roses

Your partner might appreciate more if you just give them cash instead /Facebook


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