Licean G11 student shows a heartfelt act of kindness


On a scorching mid-noon Wednesday, a netizen has captured and uploaded to Facebook a heartwarming image of a Grade 11 student from Liceo University assisting an old indigent to the City Hall.

As reported by the City Information Office, the good samaritan was Shaina Myles Angus Cabisada, while the senior indigent she assisted was 64-year-old Berlita Mahilum.

Mahilum is a resident of Lower Lacapan, Indahag, and was visiting the city to process her pension in the City Hall. However, since she hasn’t visited the city for about 14 years, as Cabisada narrated, Mahilum got lost in the bustling streets.

Meanwhile, Cabisada recounted noticing the elderly sitting near the Pacifico Hotel as she descended off the motorela. She said she doesn’t usually go off campus during her lunch breaks, but she needed to retrieve her laptop, which she left in her pad, for her afternoon class.

As she waited for a motorela going back to school, Cabisada once again saw Mahilum, this time, crossing the street together with a construction worker who was assisting her. Then, she saw another kind samaritan, an LBC delivery guy, who shared his twenty peso bill to the elderly.

Cabisada admitted feeling lighter after witnessing the heartwarming assistance from her fellow Kagay-anons. But then she was immediately taken aback when Mahilum suddenly stumbled right in front of her.

From there, the Grade 11 student found out Mahilum’s struggle to navigate her way to the City Hall. Consequently, Cabisada volunteered to accompany her, and the rest was history.

“God didn’t just put me in that situation just for nothing and I really do believe naay reason ang tanan. Wala’y bayad ang motabang ug dili mabayloan ang kalipay nga imong mabati ug makatabang ka maski unsa na siya ka gamay ilabina sa ingon ani nga edad,” Cabisada said.


—(Source: City Information Office)

Blayce Malaya

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