To My Fellow Travelers: Choose the passengers you get a ride with


Whenever I cruise around the busy streets of Cagayan de Oro alone, I often contemplate how driving is an epitome of human life.

How the car represents the body, keeping individual parts as a whole; the engine as the heart that keeps the vehicle moving; this so-called Engine Control Unit is the brain that controls the engine management sensors or whatsoever; and lastly, the driver as the soul.

That the destination we take and the trips we make are like the journeys we go through in life. Some are uphill, that most of the time requires us to shift to gear one or in this case, revisit our fundamentals for us to make it through the tough climb. Whilst the descent requires us to take hold of the breaks or we’d end up crashing. Rough roads sometimes cause us flat tires—flat hopes. While smooth, plain highways sometimes make us lose our sense of cautiousness, leading to fatal accidents.

These roads we take, the turns we make can either lead us straight to our destinations or temporary detours that could teach us lifelong lessons.

Now, what really makes these trips the best is when we are accompanied by passengers. Not just any passengers, but those people who we value the most. Passengers represent the people we let in and out of our lives. They’d occupy the empty spaces at the backseat; keeping the driver alive while navigating around familiar streets or wandering around diversion roads. Whether it’s a short trip or long, usually, each passenger would leave not just heat in the seat but significant lessons and oftentimes wonderful memories.

That’s why we need to choose our passengers wisely. For letting random strangers usually bring nothing but trouble. They might take advantage of the free ride you offer, or worst, rob you until you have nothing but your barefoot in the pavement.

For again, the passengers we let in will either make our lifelong journey worthwhile or abandon us with flat tires.


This International Friendship Day, I dedicate this to the four passengers who came along and accompanied me on a crazy ride:

To friends, who sang along, shamelessly belting Bohemian Rhapsody with all the high pitches and low, our memories will always be cherished. All those unplanned detours, heartfelt conversations, carpool karaoke, and therapy sessions—the journey with you guys was worth the while;

To the brightest star I’ve ever seen—who have lightened up the moonless skies and guided me throughout the darkest highway. Your light has brought optimism, hope, encouragement, and strength not just to me but to everyone around you. Thank you for seeing ‘me’ when nobody else didn’t—even myself; and,

To the one who fills the void in the passenger’s seat. Thank you for being the embodiment of consistency and permanence that I’ve been long seeking; for holding my hand whenever we go up the bustling flyover or through the creepy curve path of PN Roa Senior Avenue; for keeping me awake with your humming and melodious laughter. Thank you for amid the bumpy road, unexpected detours, and off-the-road course, you chose to buckle up instead of hopping off.


Friends from all walks in life, as well as acquaintances, Happy Friendship Day and Maayong Pag Biyahe!


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