WATCH: ‘Ingat Angat’ campaign sparks mixed reactions from netizens

Earlier this month, the Ingat Angat has released its campaign video bringing together competitor brands to inspire Filipinos to keep moving amidst the pandemic.

With its cinematic shots around and soothing voiceover narration, the video presented the Filipinos’ resiliency.

The video was especially lauded with major competing brands like Jollibee and McDonald’s, Petron and Shell, Coca-cola and Pepsi, and Angkas and Food Panda converging to highlight the need for unity and solidarity to get through the unprecedented times.

Apart from the inspiring message, the private-led campaign also encouraged the public to continue their daily activities outside their homes while practising health and safety protocols.

“Our common goal is to build a more resilient Philippines. A healthy nation in terms of the people and the economy. So we ask all brands and businesses to heed a higher calling for our fellow Filipinos. Together, aangat tayo muli (we’ll rise again),” the video caption read.

Formed in April 2020, T3 has partnered with government agencies such as the Department of Health and the Inter-Agency Task Force to help manage the country’s COVID-19 transmissions.

Participating private companies extended helping hands by donating funds used to fill in the health sector gaps in testing facilities and testing kits.


Public’s Feedback

While the video campaign aims to inspire the public, the reactions regarding the campaign were mixed. Some have praised it, and some eyebrows were raised. Some applauded the collaboration between competitors, while some criticized its romanticization for resiliency.

Check out the mixed reactions of the netizens below.









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