Google Developers Group (GDG) CDO chapter brought Developers Festival (DevFest) once again in the city!


GDG CDO chapter celebrated its 6th DevFest with the theme “Connecting Diversity and Inclusivity through technology,” held at Hotel Conchita on November 30.

DevFest is a technical conference annually organized by the GDG community around the globe. It aims to build strong communities and educate both students and professionals about the latest technologies available.


The event was opened by keynote speaker Abigail Noelle, founder and lead creative of Ebi Designs, who shared her outlook on what diversity is and the challenges and roles it has in today’s technology. Moreover, Espino presented three ideas that could potentially counter these challenges, redefining the abbreviation of CDO—start with Communication, Develop as a person, and learn how to be Open through listening.


Espino is also a current board of director member of Robogals Philippines and is the president of the CDO chapter.


DevFest Talks

Following the first technical topic, founder and CEO of the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company in the Philippines—Senti AI, Ralph Vincent Regalado discussed the newest AI product of Google, the AutoML Natural Language. This technology enables developers to “create customized machine learning models to classify English-language content into a custom set of categories.”



On the other hand, Misfit, Inc. Senior Software & Web Engineer Freilla Mae Espinola tackled about Impostor Syndrome and how it affects an individual’s productivity. Aside from that, she also shared her personal experience and the ways she overcame it.


Imposter Syndrome is the experience of feeling like a fraud—a feeling as though at any moment someone would know that you don’t belong to where you stand, and that you only got there because of luck.


Lastly, speaker, Romar Mayer Micabalo, discussed the needed skillset to hone and become a System Administrator beyond the 21st century. Micabalo is a Technical Project Manager and Team Lead for the Data, Infrastructure, Telecoms, and Security (DITS) at Innovuze Solutions, Inc.



Breakout Sessions

After the lunch break, participants were then distributed for the breakout sessions—each deciding on which topic discussed by various professionals to attend.

The following topics discussed per breakout rooms include:

(1) Main Hall

  • Developer Students Club – STI CDO Lead John Carlos Montejo – Topic: Student for the Community
  • University of the Philippines Los Baños & Senti Techlabs, Inc. Head of Technology Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat – Topic: Web Performance for Beginners
  • TRR Technologies Lead Engineer Geoff Diaz – Topic: Build your own world using ARCore
  • Syntactics, Inc. Quality Assurance Specialist Richard Estrada – Topic: Stress and Performance testing using JMeter

(2) Breakout Room 1 session

  • Syntactics, Inc. Business Application Developer Marie Denilene Bulosan – Topic: Write your First Flutter App
  • TRR Technologies Creative Engineer Emmanuel Francis Ramos Jr. – Topic: TensorFlow Lite: Object Detection for Android and Firebase ML Kit
  • Developer Students Club – MSU-IIT Lead Philip Andrew Espina – Topic: Becoming future-ready for the Tech Industry

(3) Breakout Room 2 session

  • Securebites Corp. Web Application Security Researcher & Co-founder Dan Niño Fabro – Topic: G-CTF: Google’s version for Cyber Security Olympics
  • Engagis, Inc. 3D Designer Elyne Jean Chome – Topic: Explore the World of 3D with Google Poly
  • Women Techmakers Ambassador & GDG CDO founder Josan Astrid Dometita-Chug (Women Techmaker Ambassador) – Topic: #IamRemarkable


‘Do what Steve Jobs did, not what he said’

Josan also delivered the closing keynote, where she talked about in choosing a career path “it’s not where you are, but what you do best.” She further made a reference on the quote by Steve Jobs on following your passion, that instead of searching for what you don’t know yet, why not develop what you already know. Because it is also what Jobs has done, he loved his work.

Furthermore, she encourages to seek “What can you offer to the world” instead of “What can your job offer you.”

Josan concluded her keynote by saying, “Because, in the end, it’s easier to know what you do best and then, know what you do over time rather than today pa lang you’re thinking of ‘what do I like to do?’ […] but where do we actually begin?”

“We can’t begin if we don’t know what to do. We really need to begin with what we do best.”


GDG DevFest 2019 highlights:



DevFest 2019 was made possible and Free because of the following sponsors: FoodPanda, Innovuze Solutions, Inc., Syntactics, Inc., and High Output Ventures.

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