HOW TO use DSWD ‘Relief Agad’ Mobile Application for SAP beneficiaries


To further improve the efficiency of the subsidy distribution for the Social Amelioration Program (SAP), beneficiaries can now register using the “Relief Agad” mobile application.


The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) launched an online mobile application, in partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), and Developers Connect Philippines, to cater to SAP beneficiaries.

ReliefAgad mobile app will allow SAP beneficiaries to register and send their information to their local government units (LGUs) and DSWD without having to leave the comforts of their home. It also allows users for a faster, efficient, and transparent process, and lets them receive payouts of emergency subsidies online.

“Taking note of all the feedback gathered from the first tranche implementation of SAP, we are streamlining our processes and adopting more effective measures to achieve more efficient, organized, and speedy SAP distribution,” Undersecretary Danilo Pamonag said during the virtual launch of the mobile app.

Moreover, Pamonag said the mobile app would help improve the data gathering of the agency, avoiding any potential anomalies. It would also hasten the delivery of cash subsidy to the families in need, especially with the upcoming distribution of the second tranche of SAP.

“Delivering this much-needed assistance to its beneficiaries in the soonest possible time is the priority of the Department in the SAP implementation,” the DSWD official said.


Who can use it and how to register?

DSWD Director Andrew Ambubuyog presented how to use of the mobile app system. Check out the step-by-step instructions below:

SAP Beneficiaries, visit to self-register. Users can either access the mobile application on a mobile or desktop browser. Then, click register to begin the process.

Reminders /Screenshot

NOTE: ReliefAgad mobile application is only for those who have received the Social Amelioration Card (SAC) form. Submitted details will also go through screening reviewed by LGU/DSWD. Tampering of personal information and unauthorized use of ReliefAgad is punishable by law.


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Step 1. The app will read the unique barcode printed on the lower right corner of the physical SAC form. In case the app cannot read the barcodes, users can opt to manually encode the appropriate SAC number.

Step 2. The user must provide the appropriate region, province, city, and the unique number that can be found on the SAC form, which the system will verify.

Step 3. Once authenticated, the head of the family will have to provide the necessary information, including the names, gender, birthday, address, IDs, sector, and health condition and other benefits given to the head of the family or the family itself. The personal information of the following household members is also required.


“You will be prompted to enter all information exactly as they appear on the SAP form,” Ambubuyog noted.


Step 4. Next, the user will be prompted to a survey screen to chose their preferred mode of payment. Beneficiaries can choose between In Cash, Pay Maya, GCash, or bank account.




Step 5. To further verify the registration, the system will send an SMS message, a six-digit for the user to input.

Once authenticated, the user will receive a message entailing the details that the SAC has been set and submitted.


For more information and concerns, you may contact them at 8424-2828 (toll-free) for the DSWD call centers or message them via Facebook DSWD ReliefAgad.



Still unsure how to use it? WATCH the step-by-step video made by the DSWD below:



DSWD Director Andrew Ambubuyog and DICT Assistant Secretary Emmanuel Rey R. Caintic both assured the public that personal information of the beneficiaries will be safeguarded.

“We have followed the guidelines of the Data Privacy Act, so all ways and means to protect the sensitive personal information of our countrymen were considered,” Ambubuyog said in Filipino.

Caintic, on the other hand, explained that for those beneficiaries who have no mobile phones and Internet connection, ReliefAgad uses a combination of crowdsourcing and manual encoding or batch uploading by LGUs.

The LGUs will have to equip personnel who will encode the beneficiaries’ data.

“We have a fallback, our system provides the manual encoding by the LGUs…so don’t be afraid, no need for a smartphone. The system is comprehensive, it has LGU module, so they can be registered,” Caintic said.

Meanwhile, Developers Connect Philippines founder Winston Damarillo vowed to continuously support the government’s efforts to alleviate the plight of the country’s poor during this time of national health emergency.

“There is nothing more inspiring not just to serve the government but to help the poor,” Damarillo said.


—(Source: Manila Bulletin)


Frequently Asked Questions

1 | Legit ba ang “ReliefAgad” App? 

-Yes. However, as part of the project’s pilot run, the mobile application can only be accessed and accommodate those qualified beneficiaries with SAC form in the National Capital Region, DSWD said.


2 | Eligible beneficiaries

-Households under the vulnerable and informal sectors


3 | Technical difficulties and on receiving cash subsidy via online banking (Cash, PayMaya, Bank)


4 | For eligible SAP beneficiaries, coordinate with your barangay or local government unit for your Social Amelioration Card. Make sure to ask an original form, not a photocopy.

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