Have Yourself a Merry DIY Christmas!


With only a month left until Christmas day, it’s not too late for you to sprinkle your home with holiday cheer. Check out some of these DIY Christmas decors to make your homes shining sparkly and bright with the spirit of Christmas.

1 | Christmas Pillows

While watching your favorite Christmas films, you can make the experience more enjoyable by decorating your throw pillows with ribbons and a little bit of greenery to bring your sofa, couches, and chairs to life.

2 | Bedpost Garlands

Decorate your children’s bedroom (or yours, even) by weaving holiday garlands on their bedposts. You can even hang Christmas ornaments in different shapes and sizes to your bedpost garlands.

3 | Tabletop Tree

Place a small tree on top of your table and decorate it to your heart’s delight. Nothing screams Christmas but a decorated evergreen on the dining area or the coffee table in the living room. 

4 | Gift Wrap Bonanza

When wrapping decorative presents to place under your Christmas tree, try to make use of old boxes or packaging wraps that you got from Amazon, Shopee, or Lazada. Use old wrapping papers and ribbons from last year’s festivities. With that, you also help recycle and lessen Christmas waste. 

5 | Christmas Countdown

Under your tree or on your tabletop, you can place a lightbox or a blackboard to count down the days until you and your family can finally open your presents on Christmas day.

6 | Doormat Greetings

It’s always great to make an excellent first impression. Greet your visitors with a doormat decorated with Christmas icons such as trees, ribbons, and a few dashes or reds, whites, and greens here and there.

7 | Christmas Bookshelves

To truly create a Christmas atmosphere in your living room, you can wrap your books with leftover wrapping paper. If you have too many books, you can also strategically place Christmas figurines and icons beside them.

8 | Holiday Chairs

You might have already decided on placing your decorations on top of your tables. However, you may also consider decorating the backrest of your chairs with festive foliage and décor. 

9 | Starry, Starry Skies

In one corner of your living room or just above your window, you can hang stars in various shapes and sizes and made from different materials to make your homes sparkling and bright day and night. There are loads of instructions and how-to’s on Youtube at your disposal!

10 | Festive Wine Bottles

Instead of throwing away your used wine bottles, you can remove their labels and wrap them with festive wrapping paper and ribbons and place them on your tabletops. You can also get battery operated fairy lights and place them inside. 

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Perhaps, if there’s anyone more excited for Christmas to arrive than you, it would be your kids. Thus, it would be best if you shared this special DIY Christmas décor-making moment with them. You can let them hang the flowers, figurines, and balls. You can also let them wrap ribbons and decorate the gifts. You can let them light the tree. 

More importantly, do not forget why you are celebrating the season. Place a nativity scene where people will get to see it most. Let us all rejoice and pray for the joyous events that will come in the following year!