Former KARA member, Goo Hara, passes away at 28


The Kpop community is yet again mourning the loss of another South Korean singer-actress, Goo Ha-ra.

According to the initial report of the South Korean news outlet, Soompi, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station found the singer-actress lifeless in her home in Cheongdam on November 24 around 6 PM (KST).

Popularly known as Hara, she became part of the South Korean girl group KARA back in 2008, following the departure of former member Kim Sung-hee. She also appeared in a couple of television dramas, including City Hunter in 2011. In January 2016, Hara left DSP Media (KARA’s agency) when her contract expired, subsequently prompting her indefinite hiatus. Nevertheless, the singer-actress had already begun her career as a solo artist in July 2015 with her EP Alohara (Can You Feel It?).

While police investigation said that the cause of death is still under investigation, it has only been six months since her alleged self-infliction attempt in May.


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In an update, the Soompi added the released statement from Japanese agency Production Ogi.

The statement is as follows:


We are here to deliver tragic and unfortunate news.

Family members and friends of Goo Hara are deeply shocked and anxious at the moment.

Therefore, we earnestly request that you refrain from writing speculative articles and spreading rumors. In addition, we ask the media and fans to refrain from making condolence calls.

We apologize for conveying this sudden news, and we are sorry once again for requesting that [the media and fans] refrain from making condolence calls.


Furthermore, the late singer-actress’ agency has announced to provide a special venue where fans can pay their respects on Monday.

Fans and members of the press will be able to pay their respects to [Goo Hara] in Hall 1 at St. Mary’s Funeral Hall in the Gangnam District starting from 3 p.m. today to midnight on November 27.

In accordance with the wishes of the family, who hoped to hold a quiet funeral, we have arranged for a separate location [for fans] to pay their respects. We are overwhelmed with sorrow at having to relay the news of [Goo Hara’s] passing to so many people.

To allow the deceased to make a peaceful departure, we urge you to refrain from visiting the Yonsei Severance Hospital Funeral Hall, where the family will be holding their private funeral. Once again, we express our deepest feelings of grief.


—(Source: Soompi)

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