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Today, January 13, Google Doodle celebrates the 105th birth anniversary of a multilingual Filipino writer and academic Genoveva Matute. Along with her illustration, the doodle also presents an overview of Matute’s life works and achievements as a language teacher.

In the illustration, we can see Matute writing inside a library—both representing her life as a teacher and as a renowned writer.

For over 45 years, Matute has taught language. She has written short stories, many of which fictionalized scenes from Filipino history.

A native of Santa Cruz, Manila, Matute was born on this day in 1915. She obtained her Ph.D. in 1964 at the University of Santo Tomas and began teaching at the elementary and high school level before becoming a university professor.

As she went through her academic career, Matute wrote tons of historically-based fiction, which were soon included in many textbooks for elementary and high school. She also wrote in multiple languages, including Tagalog, English, and, eventually, Filipino when it became the official national language of the country.

Google Doodle further mentions her contribution to Tagalog literature and Filipino cultural identity. Among her many stories, her most famous work, “Ang Kuwento ni Mabuti” (“The Story of Mabuti”) is the most anthologized short story, that even up to this date is still being read by many Filipino school children.

Early concepts and drafts by Olivia When /Google Doodle


Moreover, the snippet also notes her awards, which she received between 1951 and 1961—including Matute’s four Don Carlos Palanca Awards. Matute was also the first Filipina to win this prestigious literary award.

Matute retired in 1980 as the Dean of the Filipino Department at the now-Philippine Normal University.


—(Source: Google Doodle)

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