6 Things you need to know this Black Nazarene Traslacion 2020 – CDO Edition


In collaboration with the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) and the Cagayan de Oro Disaster Risk Reduction Management (CDRRMC), the Jesus Nazareno Parish unveiled its plans for this year’s Traslacion of the Black Nazarene, January 9.


1 | On Thursday, the annual feast celebration will start with a Holy Mass at the St. Augustine Cathedral around 4 AM. The religious procession will immediately follow at 5:30 AM.


2 | Procession Route

The traslation route will start from the St. Augustine Cathedral Church. Then, it will pass through Fernandez Street, turn left to Velez Street, and will take a right turn to the highway near Shell station. As always, it will end at the Nazareno Church.


3 | An estimated 300,000 Catholic devotees are expected to participate in the annual feast.


4 | The religious procession will take an approximate of two hours to arrive at the Nazareno Church.


5 | For security purposes, there will be a signal-jamming throughout the procession. Moreover, there will be no flying of drones.


6 | Friendly-reminders


In case of accidents, the CDRRMD will provide and on standby its four ambulances and 43 medical and 53 rescue personnel.


Additional information regarding the Traffic Scheme for January 8-9, 2020 released by the RTA:

On the night before the feast, the Black Nazarene will be transferred from Jesus Nazareno Parish Church to St. Augustine Cathedral Church around 8:00 PM via the same route.

Temporary Rules and Regulations to be implemented on January 9:

  • NO PARKING of all types of vehicles shall be imposed on both sides of the road along the designated route of the procession from 12:00 midnight to 8:00 AM;
  • Parking of service vehicles shall be ALLOWED at a portion of Recto Avenue fronting Centrio Ayala Mall, exclusive for PNP, AFP, RTA, CDRRMD, CHO-JRBGH, CIO, Parish Priest, and Media marked vehicles;
  • NO VENDORS of any items shall be allowed to display, 100-meter radius from Nazareno Church, effective 6:00 AM of January 8, 2020 up to 6:00 PM of January 9, 2020;
  • Setting up of tents for Command Post and Medical Teams shall be ALLOWED at a portion of Recto Avenue fronting Centrio Ayala Malls.




Stay vigilant, and have a safe celebration!


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