FAQs: Parents’ Guide to DepEd Commons Online Learning


For parents whose kids are enrolled under the Department of Education online learning platform DepEd Commons, we gathered below some of the most frequently asked questions on using the platform.

How to register to DepEd Commons?

It’s been almost a month since distance learning started, and by now, students under online learning should have access and register the platform. But in case you haven’t, here’s how you can activate and start using the educational portal. Click here to know how to access it.

Is there another way to access the platform other than the URL?

Apparently, DepEd Commons has no other means of access other than its official website. You might find apps available on Google Play and Apple App Store, though the agency does not sanction these applications. User discretion is advised.

Is DepEd Commons free?

YES. Students/parents/guardians and learning instructors can access the platform for free. Telecommunication giants Globe and Smart also provide free access to its users. However, external resources/links may incur data charges when accessed.

Can I download the resources on the platform?

YES. Learning materials provided by DepEd Commons servers are downloadable. However, external resources uploaded on external websites (such as Google Drive) may require an internet/mobile data connection.

Does DepEd Commons have a Facebook page or group?

Currently, DepEd has no official Facebook group to disseminate information about the online learning system. But there are unofficial community groups parents/guardian can join:

For more questions and concerns regarding the platform, you can contact them through the DepEd Commons feedback page commons.deped.gov.ph/feedbacks/new or directly email them the DepEd Commons Educational Technology Unit at edtech@deped.gov.ph.

Aside from its technical usage, parents/guardians should also facilitate the learners’ physical learning space. Here are some quick tips:

  • Find a place conducive to learning;
  • Establish a schedule;
  • Take away distractions during classes hours;
  • Remind students that vacation is over;
  • Don’t forget to set time for snack/recess;
  • If possible, bring in their friends through video chats;
  • Mix online learning with traditional learning mediums (such as books, modules);
  • Remotely connect with other parents/guardians for help & support.


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