ESC Scholarship: How to apply for Educational Service Contracting program


Educational Service Contracting (ESC) scholarship is one of the many partnership financial aid programs of the Department of Education (DepEd), primarily aiming to decongest overcrowded public junior high schools. It provides slot allocations for students who would otherwise have gone to public schools.


Eligible ESC grantee

Elementary graduates who will pursue secondary education in an ESC participating private high school or incoming Grade 7 can avail of the program.

In case of transfer, a student can still enjoy its grant provided that the student will transfer to any ESC participating schools. Just make sure to present to the accepting school a certification letter reflecting the student’s School-ESC identification number not later than the online application’s cut-off date.

The grant is subject for termination if a grantee does any of the following conditions:

  • Drops out for non-health reasons in the middle of the school year;
  • Does not re-enroll the coming school year;
  • Fails to be promoted to the next grade level or is retained at the same grade level;
  • Is suspended for more than two (2) weeks, dismissed or expelled by the school for disciplinary reasons; or
  • Transfers to a non-ESC-participating JHS.

Grantees that drop out due to a parent or guardian’s death, force majeure, prolonged illness, or accident may be re-instated into the ESC program provided they submit documents to support their claim.


Amount of grant

The amount of grant depends on the location of the ESC-participating junior high school (JHS) and quoted per ESC grantee per school year. The amount will be paid directly to the school and remains the same over its four-year term unless the State Assistance Council approves adjustments. To give you an idea of the amount of the grant, check the image below.


Take note, however, that if the total school fees declared by the school in the ESC IMS are lower than the amount of the ESC grant, the school will only pay the total school fees.


Requirements and application process

  • Incoming JHS or Grade 7 students who wish to apply for the ESC program should follow the following steps:
  • Fill out the ESC application form then submit it to the registrar’s office attached with the other requirements mentioned below;
  • Write a letter of intent to the high school principal, indicating the following essential details: the name of the student, monthly income, other sources of income (if any), and the reason for applying for a government subsidy;
  • Any proof of financial means of both parents/guardians/person who is supporting the student;
  • Recent 1×1 colored identification photo of the student.
  • Other documents: Form 138, Good Moral Certificate, Birth Certificate (PSA)


See here the list of ESC-participating school in the Philippines


For inquiries, concerns, or clarifications, you may contact the Monitoring and Processing Unit at or (02) 8570 7322 / (+63) 0917 501 3273. Also, follow them on their social media accounts for important updates and announcements.


—(Source: PEAC)