Dog Language: Ultimate Ways To Say “I Love You” To Your Pets


A good dog owner’s goal is to be able to provide the pets with all the necessary things they need. Often, pets show how much they love their owners by wagging their tails, but how do pet owners properly reciprocate that love?

The best way to tell your dog that you love and care for them is through your facial expressions and body language. You need to understand the way your dog feels to be able to show empathy and build a strong bond with them.

While learning how to communicate with your dog seems like an easy thing to do, there can be much more than just understanding body language and mimicry. To further give you extensive information, here are some unique ways to tell your dog that you love them.


#1 Showing Love Through Facial Expressions

If you spend most of your time with your dog, it is possible for them to feel your emotions no matter how hard you try to hide it from them. It is proven a fact by scientific studies that dogs can read human emotions through facial expressions. Therefore, it is only fair to show your dogs that you attend to their needs, much like how they were there as your companion when you needed them most.

Furthermore, your facial expressions can directly convey a message to your dog without the use of words. In fact, a study conducted by Japanese behavioral scientists says that when a dog raises its left eyebrow more than the right one, it shows that pets feel connected to their owners.

The next time you greet your dog, good morning or hello, make sure to raise your eyebrows together with a relaxing smile, which tells your dog that you are happy to see them.


#2 Taking Your Dog For A Stroll

Like humans, a dog loves a little time to walk in the park. During your free time or whenever possible, take your dog for a quick walk because they thrive on schedules and routines.

This little act of kindness makes your dog understand that you care for their health.

Walks can also give a lot of adventures for your dog, and they will be able to see so many things outside than just the corners of your house. Taking them on a walk will also train your dog, build trust between both of you, strengthen your communication, and allows you to gain a connection with your pet.


#3 Spoil Your Dog With Cuddles And Naps

More likely, dogs prefer to sleep beside their owners because they feel safer, warmer and more comfortable. They often get this feeling of playing hard and rest together with their residual pack behavior depending on your dog’s breed. If you don’t mind your dog sleeping beside you in bed or the couch, then you can deepen their connection with you.

Dogs also thrive for physical contact just as much as humans do. If your dog is not a big fan of hugs, a cuddle session would be best to satisfy their craving to feel that pack connection.


#4 Become A Good Listener

Do you doubt your inner pet master? Not sure if your pet understands your love language? Well, your dog’s body language will tell you exactly how good or bad you are when it comes to expressing your feelings. These are some of a dog’s body language of love:

  • Eye contact
  • Wagging the tail
  • Raised eyebrow

You will also know that your dog is anxious and not comfortable with the things you do through these warning signs:

  • Lip licking
  • A tucked-in tail
  • Eyes are popping out or averted


There is no other time to tell your dog how much you love them than today! Celebrate this day with your furry little friends at home! Show them how much you care and make them feel that warmth love they deserve!