Transformative Coach Evan Spargo on how to be a Mindful Leader


Find a quiet place. Have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Establish grounding by placing both feet flat on the ground.

As you close your eyes, chances are your thoughts will start to stir up—creating a sort of tension. But don’t let it get you. Instead of giving in to your anxiety, steer your attention towards your breathing. Inhale. Exhale.

When your nerves are settled—your mind is calm, I want you to think and picture this out: Where do you think you’ll be ten years from now? In three years? How about a year from now?

Meditation, in my opinion, is one of the best tools for people like me who find it hard to catch up with the present moment and whose thoughts are often all over the place.

It is also the best tool to use, especially in practicing to become a mindful leader.



On February 3, CREO Early Learning Partnership organized a special masterclass as a thanksgiving to all who helped them achieve their mission on promoting holistic development for children.

To talk about becoming a Mindful Leader and on establishing a 20/20 Vision, CREO invited Philippine Volcanoes Rugby player Evan Spargo, who is also known as a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Fitness Coach, and Professional Host.

To become a better leader, one must work on leading themselves.

Spargo also discussed the benefits of meditation, understanding different perspectives through creative reframe, and stress management.



Meditation is something you and I can do daily, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. Meditation brings us back to our natural state. Moreover, it heightens all of our five senses, allowing us to perceive our thoughts and emotions better—which then leads us to mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, and experience.

Whenever we are in a state of calm, we are more capable of understanding and recognizing ourselves without having to justify it as of the moment. Also, by practicing mindfulness, we are able to align our thoughts with our senses in the present moment rather than rehash the past or imagine the future. Furthermore, mindfulness helps us improve our approach towards certain situations, such as conflict. So instead of blowing up and reacting, it lets us reassess first then respond.

With this, it lets us establish our goals and on what path to take much clearer.



During the creative reframe part, Spargo asks us to look at an abstract image and name as many as we can. In this exercise, I learned two things: one, how people can interpret an object in so many ways and two, sometimes how it is better to look at things in a simples angle rather than complicating it by reading to much in between.

Having to open yourself from the different views of people lets you become more understanding and compassionate to others.

As a mindful leader, becoming open to the ideas of your whole team will let you come up with a more informed decision.



Lastly, Spargo tackled stress management as to identifying what does and doesn’t matter. With meditation and open-mindedness, we are now able to choose on what matters and ignore what doesn’t. Consequently, becoming more productive and less stressed.

Don’t sweat over the small stuff.


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Before ending the talk, the transformative coach shared more tips on becoming a mindful leader, including 5-minute daily meditation, avoiding multitasking & distraction, pausing & reflecting on thoughts & emotions, exercising, and connecting with your senses.


The following questions were asked during the talk. You might want to reflect on them too, check it out:

  • How do you know you’re living in alignment with your vision and values?
  • How do your values influence your decision-making?
  • After figuring out the answers, you’re now capable to decide better on two things: What will you now say ‘Yes’ to? What will you now say ‘No’ to?


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