COVID-19 FACT CHECK COMPILATION: Debunking hoaxes and false news


The following fact check infographics are from the Department of Health.

Everyone is urged to please avoid spreading false information, especially those that can trigger panic to the general public. Always make sure to check the credibility of the post before sharing it.


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This circulating message about Special Military Helicopters spraying pesticides against Covid-19 in the skies is NOT TRUE.

Pesticides work against pests, not viruses, and COVID-19 is caused by a VIRUS.


According to DOH, this circulating post about a nationwide lockdown is FALSE.


As of March 21, Las Piñas General Hospital is NOT part of the designated Covid-19 hospitals.


No definitive high-quality evidence to support this claim.


As of March 20, the DOH has NOT yet changed its screening algorithm. The circulating message regarding Covid-19 patient classification from PUM/PUI to ILI, ARI/D, SARI/D.


The ‘Covid-19 patient escaped’ post is FALSE.

First of all, the DOH respects the privacy of each patient and announcing such information to the public is unethical and is punishable by law.



Warm water plus salt/vinegar gargle can eliminate Covid-19 is FALSE.

As of press time, there is NO medical evidence that rinsing the throat with such can eliminate the virus that causes Covid-19.



The claim Covid-19 is Airborne is FALSE.

The virus that causes Covid-19 can spread human-to-human through droplets by sneezing and coughing, or aerosols through medical procedures like suctioning and nebulization. Again, it is not airborne, especially outdoors



There is NO ‘Covid-19 checklist’ released by the DOH.

For diagnosis, follow the screening algorithms for triage and health advisories created and officially posted by the health agency.



Ibuprofen does not treat the symptoms of Covid-19.

The DOH is yet to receive formal advice from the World Health Organization, in the meantime, Paracetamol remains the first good choice in treating fever and other symptoms of the disease.

On the other hand, as of March 18, no definite evidence has confirmed that Ibuprofen boosts the coronavirus.



Blood collection tubes in Zambales beach were NOT Covid-19-related.



Circulating ‘DOH Update’ instructing people to stock ready-to-eat food due to imminent lockdown in Metro Manila was NOT issued by the agency.


DOH flags down this circulating post



Oro-based Hoaxes & unofficial advisories

As of March 20, there are NO guidelines yet released by the City of Cagayan de Oro. The circulating message listing the Entry Protocol of the city is FALSE.


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