Christmas Collection by Twin Head Furniture: Bringing Extra Cheer into your Home this Yuletide Season


With barely 43 days left before our favorite holiday season, Christmas decorations are once again on demand. If you’re still looking for elegant and high-class ornaments for the holidays, then the Christmas Collection by Twin Head Furniture is just the place for you!

Twin Head Furniture is a homegrown furniture-making business where its humble beginnings sparked in 2009 at the owner’s backyard. Two years later, the business became a full-fledged DTI-registered business.

Crafting remarkable and exquisite designs, they eventually grew and expanded their network of clients—decorating numerous houses and getting tapped by known commercial institutions.

Despite only launching its Christmas Collection Store in 2016, Twin Head Furniture has always been offering Christmas decors along with the other home ornaments that they would display on top of their masterpieces.

Twin Head established its first Christmas Collections store in year 2016. It opened its first branch in Ayala Centrio Mall. Our furniture clients who happen to also like each Christmas decorations we placed on top of every furniture like living room sets, console tables, side tables, etc., inspired us to open this store. (Twin Head Furniture)


Now in its 5th year, Twin Head Furniture is once again set to offer remarkable and stunning Christmas decorations and embellishments, suitable for every home—from vibrant Christmas trees to picturesque and festive Christmas villages.


Christmas Collection by Twin Head Furniture

Of course, setting up the nativity scene is just fitting to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Check out their figurines uniquely designed in different sizes, styles, and colors.



Christmas isn’t merry without the presence of the ever-iconic and generous gift-giving Santa Claus. Also available in various sizes and enjoyable forms.



Want to build your own miniature Christmas village? Striking and refined pieces, they have it all here! Check out the intricate details of these beautiful pieces.



Christmas is the absolute best time to make your home a little brighter, especially during Noche Buena, with these light decorations.



The holiday season sure feels bland without setting up a Christmas tree. But worry not because they also have them on-hand. Available in various designs, from white Christmas trees to colorful and vibrant ones.



Here are also other delightful embellishments to consider that would definitely heighten up the Christmas cheer in your home. These surely are the perfect additions to your dining tables, living rooms, and even your countertops.

Visit them at the Ground Floor of Ayala Centrio Malls near the Activity Center to see more of their festive ornaments.

Apart from their delightful Christmas pieces, they also design and manufacture high-class furniture remarkably carved out from sturdy woods such as the Mahogany Tree.


Apart from their delightful Christmas pieces, they also design and manufacture high-class furniture remarkably carved out from sturdy woods such as the Mahogany Tree.




Lastly, Twin Head Furniture also offers other services such as furniture repair, upholstery, and customized interior designing. For antique enthusiasts, unique household items are available such as vintage furniture, cabinets, kitchenware, doors, antiques, and a whole lot more.


Visit them on the 3rd floor Ayala, Centrio Malls to know more and to see for yourself their impressive crafts and handiwork.

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