Cagayan de Oro logs 13 recoveries, 45 new COVID-19 cases


Cagayan de Oro City reported 45 new confirmed cases for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Friday, October 16.

In today’s press briefing, City Health Officer Dr. Lorraine Nery announced 45 new cases, of which one is a returning overseas Filipino worker (ROF), 14 are local index cases, eight are local Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs), 16 are local cases with epidemiological links to previously infected patients, and four are retagged cases.

The cumulative total of confirmed cases in the city is now at 1,184.

Out of the cumulative total, 389 are active cases, 29 are currently admitted at Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC), 350 outpatients staying at the Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility (TTMF), and 10 cases under the ROF/LSI category.

Dr. Nery also announced 13 new recoveries and two new deaths, bringing the total recovery and death toll to 742 (62.66%) and 53 (4.4%), respectively.

Of the cumulative total, 345 (29.13%) are under the LSI/ROF category, with 10 active cases, one death (ROF), and 334 recovered. Meanwhile, local cases rise to 839 (70.86%), with 350 active cases, 52 deaths, and 408 recoveries.



Profiles of the new 45 new confirmed COVID 19 cases in Cagayan de Oro, as reported by City Epidemiologist Dr. Joselito Retuya.

1,140th Case: 48-year-old male, ROF from Cugman

  • Arrived Cagayan de Oro on October 6 via Laguindingan airport

1,141st Case: 86-year-old female, Local from Bugo

  • Grandmother of Case 908

1,142nd Case: 59-year-old male, Local from Bugo

  • Father of Case 908

1,143rd Case: 45-year-old female, Local from Bulua

  • Mother of Case 920

1,144th Case: 72-year-old female, Local from Bulua

  • Grandmother of Case 920

1,145th Case: 75-year-old male, Local from Bulua

  • Grandfather of Case 920

1,146th Case: 43-year-old male, Local from Bugo

  • Husband of Case 1,025

1,147th Case: 12-year-old male, Local from Bugo

  • Son of Case 1,025

1,148th Case: 58-year-old female, Local from Pagatpat

  • Mother of Case 917

1,149th Case: 63-year-old male, Local from Pagatpat

  • Father of case 917

1,150th Case: 6-year-old female, Local from Brgy 2

  • Daughter of Case 1,001

1,151st Case: 31-year-old male, Local APOR from Balulang

  • Personnel of Bureau of Fire Protection
  • Axposed to a confirmed case in Salay (where he is assigned)

1,152nd Case: 13-year-old female, Local from Bonbon

  • Daughter of Case 978

1,153rd Case: 21-year-old male, Local from Bonbon

  • Son of Case 978

1,154th Case: 10-year-old male, Local from Bonbon

  • Son of Case 978

1,155th Case: 50-year-old female, Local from Bonbon

  • Husband of Case 978

1,156th Case: 79-year-old male, Local from Carmen

  • Onset of symptoms

1,157th Case: 31-year-old male, Local APOR from Patag

  • Nurse at JRBGH assigned in TTMF Plus

1,158th Case: 38-year-old male, Local APOR from Macasandig

  • Onset of symptoms

1,159th Case: 74-year-old female, Local from Puntod

1,160th Case: 61-year-old male, Local from Nazareth

  • Onset of symptoms

1,161st Case: 31-year-old male, Local APOR

  • A coworker of Case 1,116
  • Health care worker/nurse at NMMC

1,162nd Case: 30-year-old male, Local APOR from Bayabas

  • A coworker of Case 1,116
  • Healthcare worker/nurse at NMMC

1,163rd Case: 26-year-old male, Local from Canitoan

  • Healthcare worker/nurse at NMMC

1,164th Case: 53-year-old male, Local APOR from Canitoan

  • Health care worker/nurse at NMMC

1,165th Case: 41-year-old male, Local APOR

  • Health care worker at NMMC
  • Exposed to Case 1,116 and 1,115

1,166th Case: 52-year-old female, Local APOR from Balulang

  • Health care worker at NMMC
  • Exposed to Case 1,115 and 1,116

1,167th Case: 25-year-old female, Local from Carmen

  • Private employee
  • Onset of symptoms

1,168th Case: 69-year-old male, Local from Bugo

  • Onset of symptoms
  • Admitted and expired at NMMC

1,169th Case: 67-year-old female, Local from Kauswagan

  • Onset of symptoms and currently admitted at NMMC

(*4 are re-tag to CDO from Lanao del Sur)

1,170th Case: 73-year-old female, Local from a gated community in Balulang

  • Onset of symptoms
  • Travelled to Lanao del Sur on October 13
  • Isolated at AMAI PAKPAK hospital

1,171st Case: 81-year-old male, Local from a gated community in Balulang

  • Isolated at AMAI PAKPAK hospital

1,172nd Case: 67-year-old male, Local APOR from Nazareth

  • Also travelled to Lanao del Sut

1,173rd Case: 59-year-old female, Local from Nazareth

  • Also travelled to Lanao del Sur

1,174th Case: 50-year-old female, Local APOR from Gusa

  • An employee of a private hospital
  • With co-morbidity and a dialysis patient

1,175th Case: 39-year-old female, Local from Agusan

  • A Coworker of Case 876

1,176th Case: 74-year-old male, Local from Lapasan

  • Onset of symptoms

1,177th Case: 38-year-old male, Local from Kauswagan

  • Onset of symptoms

1,178th Case: 52-year-old female, Local from Macasandig

  • Attended ‘tapok-tapok’ (birthday celebration) of co-worker

1,179th Case: 78-year-old female, Local from Brgy 30

  • Expired at a private hospital

1,180th Case: 25-year-old female, Local from Brgy 27

  • Onset of symptoms

1,181st Case: 33-year-old male, Local APOR from Lapasan

  • Technician in a dialysis center
  • Onset of symptoms

1,182nd Case: 43-year-old male, Local from Patag

  • Onset of symptoms

1,183rd Case: 48-year-old male, Local from Bayabas

  • A private employee

1,184th Case: 66-year-old male, Local from Kauswagan

  • experienced mild stroke and currently admitted in a private hospital


Watch today’s press briefing below.

For ROFs/LSIs, please contact either of the following hotline numbers to notify your arrival from Monday to Sunday 8 AM to 9 PM:

  • 0919-068-9770
  • 0953-360-5463
  • 0965-830-7178

You can also reach out via email at or message them on Facebook at The City will also host an FB Live Support for LSIs every 10 AM to 11 AM or 3 PM to 4 PM. For Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERTS) numbers, check them out here.

Avail the NMMC Teleconsulta services for your medical concerns and consultations. Call them at any of the following numbers below from Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


  • 0910 620 1319
  • 0910 620 0903
  • 0910 620 1076
  • 0977 244 0487


  • 0977 244 0490
  • 0953 358 3000


—(Source: City Information Office)