Cagayan de Oro is now under ‘General Community Quarantine’


The City of Cagayan de Oro, including the entire province of Misamis Oriental, is now under ‘General Community Quarantine’. It will take effect immediately, March 19, until further notice.


Why now?

As neighboring cities and provinces closed down their boundaries, Kagay-anons were left puzzled as to why the city was still not under Community Quarantine.

During the live press conference earlier, City Mayor Oscar Moreno highlighted that implementing a community quarantine limited only to the city “will be just an operational nightmare.”

“Cagayan de Oro is part of Misamis Oriental. Ga lisud kog huna-huna nga ang Opol— ang taga Opol di maka sulod sa Kagayan,” Moreno said.

He further noted that operational services and basic supplies are mostly available within the city, and closing down would mean individuals out of the boundary would not be able to access services such as health care and medicines.

The executive order states that the City Community Quarantine has extended its scope to the entire Province of Misamis Oriental and to some Municipalities in the Province of Bukidnon that shared boundaries with the city. This includes Manolo Fortich, Malitbog, Libona, Baungon, and Talakag.

Blayce Malaya

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