Keeping Your Office A Healthy Working Environment In The Midst Of A Global Pandemic


In light of the rise of various diseases within the country, especially COVID-19, it’s become more than highly critical to sanitize and disinfect shared spaces to prevent the spread of diseases. And while we’re all advised to practice social distancing, not everyone can work from home and therefore, have to report to their respective offices, which are shared spaces.

Photo by Ken Tomita /Pexels


With that, here are a few things every office needs to be sanitized and disinfected to avoid further contamination:


Keyboard & Mouse

Every nook and cranny is an opportunity for bacteria to collect and thrive. Whenever possible, blast compressed air between the keys. Dip cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol and run them around each one. Similarly, loosen out any debris stuck in any gaps in the mouse. And finally, wipe both items down with disinfectant wipes.


Refreshments Area

Store beverages and snacks in airtight containers. Thoroughly wash your utensils, plates, or cups before and after use. Do the same for water bottles, coffee pots, microwaves, canisters, and other similar items.


Furniture and equipment

Chairs, tables, countertops, cabinets, cubicles—you name it. Don’t forget photocopiers, printers, and other tools too. This is true regardless of whether you work in cubicles or in an open floor plan.


Staplers, tape dispensers, pens, pen holders

You can’t keep track of how many people use these items on a daily basis—making them that much more likely to have germs. In addition to sanitizing each one, it’s also recommended that you limit sharing them between multiple people.


Headsets, mobile phones, and telephones

It’s a given that you’re more likely than not to bring your hands close to your face. However, it’s less likely that you’ve ever thought twice before you picked up the phone to answer a call. Next time, scrub your devices down before doing so.


The Air

You (or any of your sick colleagues) may be covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. However, unfortunately, this only minimizes—and doesn’t totally prevent—viruses from spreading all over the place. Strive to improve the air quality in the office to keep it a healthy environment to work in.


Photo by Burst /Pexels

And finally, decrease the spread of germs and illnesses in your daily life (with or without a global pandemic) by following one, crucial precaution: make sure you wash your hands before and after you enter, exit, or use anything in your office.