AD/HD Society of the Philippines launches first-ever Kuwentuhan session


Quezon City, Philippines – First-ever consultation among teens with or suspected with ADHD commenced during the 17th National ADHD Awareness Week on October 13 at the Committee Rooms 2 & 3 of the Quezon City Hall.

“Kwentuhang ADHD” kickstarted the series of activities which the AD/HD Society of the Philippines (ADHDSP) prepared. This event highlighted a Kwentuhan session among teens ages 12-17.

In partnership with Quezon City Persons with Disability Affairs Office through Renato Cada, different government agencies also participated in the event including the National Council of Disability Affairs (NCDA), Philippine Information Agency (PIA), and Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF).

The participating children had a meaningful exchange on a variety of topics, ranging from sports, video games, and academic related concerns, all being facilitated by discussion facilitators. As these participants had fun on their Kwentuhan session, parents also had their own facilitated by Danny Javid and Rosalia Abaya, an ADHDSP BOT member.

ADHD is highly responsive to treatment. Treatment usually consists of occupational therapy for very young children, supportive counseling/psychotherapy, and almost invariably medication. The medicines used for ADHD do a simple job: bring about appropriate levels of neurotransmitters to effectively connect the different parts of the brain that regulate attention, memory, inhibition of inappropriate behavior, and inappropriate emotions.

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Moreover, to learn more about what is ADHD and the activities mentioned above, contact the ADHD Society of the Philippines and look for Ms. Jo Esteban at (02) 475 8797 or 0905 390 6451 or visit their FB Page: ADHD SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES and their website


—(Source: The AD/HD Society of the Philippines)

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