6 Ways to Celebrate Teachers’ Day Virtually


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed everyone to adapt to the new normal, with usual activities such as working, attending classes, and even shopping is done in the comfort of our homes.

In the Philippines, various community quarantine measures are still being placed, limiting the movement of citizens. However, the education sector has been adamant on continuing learning for students, hence the implementation of online distance learning. With this setup, teachers can continue imparting knowledge to students and the students can, in turn, avoid delays.

Teachers have no doubt been spending much effort over the past few months, adjusting and getting to know technological devices and printing modules. With that, we can say that teachers truly deserve all the appreciation and respect in these hard times.

Before National Teachers’ Month officially ends here in the Philippines, here are some ways you and your classmates can still catch up and show some love for your teachers — the virtual way!


#1 Create A Special Hashtag

Set up a time and date where you and your classmates will post your favorite pictures with your teachers and come up with your own creative hashtags such as #TeacherAppreciationPost, #ThankYourTeacherToday, #MyFavoriteTeacher, or #FavoriteTeacherStory. Just make sure to set your posts to private if you want to keep your photos limited only to your friends and classmates.


#2 Send An E-Card

You can create a real card that you can take a picture of and send it to your teacher. If you want to go the extra mile, you can ask your parents to have it sent to their address or to the school. If you aren’t one for arts and crafts, you can create one online using free platforms like Canva.


#3 Create a Song Mash-up

You and your classmates can choose a song that you want to dedicate to your teacher. Then, divide the song bylines and assign one person to sing that line. This will be quite tedious though as you will need to edit the videos by cutting and merging. There are many free platforms to try this such as Wevideo or Animoto!


#4 Write an Email

This is perhaps the easiest form of saying thanks. You can send your favorite teacher an email telling them why you are thankful for them, your favorite story or experience with them, a lesson they taught you that you will never forget about — pretty much anything that you know will mean a lot to them. To spice it up, you can add GIFs, pictures, and use fun fonts and colors on your email to make it look more creative and enjoyable.


#5 Join the TikTok Craze

There are so many fun and creative TikTok trends that you can try to celebrate and show appreciation for your teacher. The app itself can also be used to edit videos if you ever have an original idea too. One of our suggestions is for you and your classmates to say a line that your teacher/s likes to say in class. Make sure that everyone says it the way your teacher does, and then compile it via TikTok. Another suggestion also is to dress up as your teacher while you and your classmates follow a TikTok dance trend. The possibilities are endless.


#6 Online Gift

If you want to go the extra mile, you can purchase a gift online for your favorite teacher and have it prepaid online too. You can ask help from your parents or older siblings as online payments will need credit or debit cards. Just make sure that you have the correct address and that you can trust the seller of the item you want to buy for your teacher.


These are just six of the many ways you can celebrate the teachers’ month and show appreciation for your favorite educators. Whether you choose one or two or more, make sure it comes from the heart!


Let us know how you’ll celebrate it in the comments below!


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