5 Everyday Home Items You Should Sanitize And Disinfect


Now that more and more people are committing to being self-quarantined due to the spread of the coronavirus, it’s safe to say that less and less people are leaving their homes. Still, there’s one more step you’ll need to follow in addition to simply following proper hygiene practices and thoroughly washing your hands. Avoid catching viral diseases at home.

Make your own homemade cleaners and sanitize and disinfect the following personal and everyday items:


The Little Mundane Surfaces

Take a moment to identify the most common household items you share with your family. At the top of your head, these may be your couch, the bed, or the toilet. But did you ever think about your doorknobs, light switches, medicine cabinets, toothbrush holders, or refrigerator handle? Multiple hands pass these by daily. Make sure to incorporate them into your cleaning routine.



Do you remember the last time you put your phone down and took the time to clean it? If you haven’t done so in the past week, now’s the time to do it. Wipe it down with sanitary or specialty wipes. Do the same for all your remotes, video game consoles, and computer peripherals.


Kitchen Sponges

Bacteria can easily use your kitchen sponges as breeding grounds. And since replacing them every week isn’t the most economical or environmentally friendly option, it’s not highly recommended. Instead, homeowners are advised to swap them out for dish towels which are much easier to sanitize. Then, make it a habit to switch kitchen towels every other day while washing them in between.


Stuffed Animals

Include every beloved plush toy in your next laundry cycle. They may be overdue for a thorough cleaning. This is especially important when you, your siblings, or little kids play or cuddle with it daily.


Pet Items

Soak your pets’ toys, collars, and food containers in a bowl filled with hot water and dog shampoo. Thoroughly rinse them after 15 minutes. Moreover, remember to wash every mat and pet bed you own too. Simply put, their health and well-being are yours too.



Oftentimes, surfaces may seem clean when they’re actually not. Make it a habit to clean daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—depending on the surface or object. After all, actively working towards disease prevention is much better than looking for a cure.



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