3 Quick Google Classroom Tips for Parents 2020


Google Classroom is a free digital service offered by Google, allowing educators to create and manage assignments, post announcements, and facilitate discussion among their students.

Schools worldwide have shifted to online learning to protect teachers, staff, and students from contracting the deadly coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

Online learning platforms raised and become an essential tool for teachers and students to communicate remotely, one of which is Google Classroom. But since teachers can only facilitate learning from afar, parents/guardians will need to step in and play a significant role in guiding students.

As parents/guardians, it would be a great idea to familiarize the platform’s different features. Check out the three tips we listed below!

1 | Google Classroom basic features

Google Classroom is available on the web or by mobile app. Moreover, you can use Classroom with many tools that you already use, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

Google Classroom home page

Once logged in, you can see on the home page all the enrolled classes of the student. Click on the class that you would like to review.

Stream Tab

In the Stream Tab, you can see all recent assignments and announcements posted by the teacher. It functions as a social media platform, with the most recent posts filling at the top. A teacher can attach a document, Drive file, YouTube video, or URL here.

Classroom Tab

The Classwork Tab is one of the most important features of the platform. It is where teachers will post homework, projects, etc., along with the deadlines. To monitor your child’s progress, you should often check this tab to see if your child misses a deadline.

(Read: Classroom FAQ)

2 | Turn on Guardian Summaries Notification

This feature will notify guardians of the latest activity of the student. By Turning On this feature, the guardian will receive email summaries about your student’s activity on the platform. You can use any email addresses.

Note: Summaries do not include grades. You can either access the student’s account or contact the teacher.

To get email summaries of your student’s work, you must accept an email invitation from a teacher or administrator. You have 120 days to accept an invitation before it expires.

  1. The teacher or administrator emails you an invitation to join your student’s class.
  2. In your email program, open your email invitation.
  3. Click Accept.
  4. If you’re not the guardian, click I’m Not The Guardian.
  5. Click Accept to confirm.
Google Support

When you accept an invitation, you and your student get an email confirmation. Meanwhile, you can unsubscribe from summaries or remove yourself as a guardian at any time. (Read: Guardian email summaries FAQ)

3 | Utilize Google Calendar

A guardian can also keep track of the student’s assignments by checking out the platform’s Calendar feature. While tasks are listed accordingly under the Classwork Tab, homework is plotted based on its due date in the Calendar.

Here’s how to access the Google Calendar. Note: Guardians can only see anything in Google Calendar unless the guardian’s account has a shared-access with the student.

Google Support
  • For details, click an item. 
Google Support
  • (Optional) To see or hide other class calendars, on the left, under Other calendars, check or uncheck the box next to a class.

While teachers can only do so much remotely, the guidance from parents/guardians, especially for students who are still at lower levels, is significant towards their learning at home.

Moreover, guardians should also make sure to create a conducive space for learning and keep any distractions away during classes hours, as well as create a routine schedule. It is also advisable to set a screen time, proper break time and study time, and other necessary activities to encourage normalcy.

—(Source: Google Support)

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