2020 Astrological Overview: Catch a glimpse of what your 2020 would look like for your zodiac signs


Not sure what your 2020 looks like? Check out what the stars have in store for you!


Disclaimer: Know that this is only a guide and that the majority of your future still depends on the life choices you make in the present.



Aries | March 21 – April 20*

Things are going to get easier most of your 2020—or at the least, more pleasurable. In fact, you may very well enjoy your ambitious side, career, professional life, or managerial position far better this year.

2020 is a time for embracing desires and ambitions you may never have known you had, and going for it! However, it is not going to be the same-old, same-old process. Moreover, your way of handling your professional and public life will be quite different from last year.

Challenges from the career front are ongoing, often clashing with personal plans and interests, but you get the chance to resolve conflicts after confronting the issues. Caring for family is also going to be a strong theme for your 2020, and having to juggle it all, you definitely will need to be more creative and attentive.

Meanwhile, Love is not a big headline in 2020, which can mean that it’s mostly the status quo. Some of you might even find love among childhood or long-lost friends.



Taurus | April 21 – May 21*

Some of the heaviness of thinking, belief systems, attitudes, travel, or education is on its way out in 2020, freeing you up to enjoy yourself more deeply. You’re embracing desires you never knew you had and finding ways to pursue them including new ideas, travels, approaches, and skills.

Meanwhile, a new theme is also weaving its way into your life in 2020, and it’s all about a career peak or turning point. This can be a time of harvest on career fronts, achievement, recognition, and new responsibilities. Others are taking you more seriously, which can be rewarding, but at times stressful.

Nevertheless, there can be some backtracking, but it’s also a time of essential edits. You’ll be doing some work mapping out your future and might consider replacing old ways of seeing life with a new perspective.

For those who are looking for more meaning and motivation, you’re likely to find it in 2020. Career winds are shifting, but you may not feel quite “there” yet, having to take care of unfinished business before you begin fresh. Learn as much as you can this year, and put in the effort with things you genuinely love.

Overall, this year is very much about personal growth, and 2021 will involve you more intensely with your work or status and material goals.



Gemini | May 22 – June 21*

There continues to be an emphasis on your private life, inner world, and intimate life this year. In 2020, however, key themes are developing that highlight your independence and the innovative side to your personality. This year also suggests you’re learning and reinforcing self-love, and it’s quite a magical process.

Regarding career and money, allow yourself the chance to feel things out, but don’t pass on the smaller opportunities while waiting for something bigger but more elusive. Bide your time well while you slowly discover your calling. Fortunately, the year’s energies are good for behind-the-scenes renovations.

Towards the end of the year, you begin a trend in which you’re firming up (and perhaps putting to the test) your beliefs. This process might also occur with an educational pursuit. Life begins to feel more stable and directed, and your increased self-awareness puts you in a fine position for decision-making. You’ve been building towards this for some time now, and clarity is on its way. In the second half of the year, friendships and happiness goals may need a rethink.



Cancer | June 22 – July 22*

2020 is a powerful year for you to sort out your one-to-one relationships, as well as discovering what you can do on your own.

New themes entering your life this year involve boosting wellness and wellbeing, particular attention to your support systems, and rediscovering motivation and passions about what you do (work). As you identify those things that are no longer exciting or motivating, you make room for discovering new passions or rediscovering old motivators that deserve a second look.

You’re also in fabulous shape for expanding your mind and experiences, whether through travel, contact with new people, or studies and new interests. In fact, significant connections can be made or enhanced through these things in 2020.

Nevertheless, you’re also learning to make time to rest, renew, heal, and reflect this year.



Leo | July 23 – August 22*

In 2020, you will take self-care, work, and health seriously again, but you’re approaching it more holistically and joyfully! It’s a powerful year for a turning point in these areas—something has to change.

It’s a year for making radical changes to improve your daily affairs and routines. Motivation builds to new levels that you may never have experienced before.

In terms of love life, your relationship may get a nice boost. However, it is more about practical than romantic gestures.

Your career requires new approaches—if you’ve been in a rut, things are changing. You’re reinventing yourself on professional or public levels. But the process is going to be a long one. Nevertheless, the work you’re doing in 2020 helps pave the road toward more freedom or authenticity. It may be that you have to do quite a bit of leg or detail work before you get to the best place for you professionally speaking.



Virgo | August 23 – September 23*

Your worlds of creativity, fun, or romance are transforming in 2020. While you may need to rebuild from the ground up, you have powerful tools at your disposal and intense motivation to do so.

You’ll find 2020 a time of improved channels for expressing yourself, stronger confidence in your value and creativity, and a stronger sense of what (and who) you love. In a way, you are building a clearer game plan.

Hobbies, love affairs, children, recreation, artwork, and pastimes are all areas that are transforming in deep, permanent, and positive ways this year. You’re approaching these things with more self-knowledge, ambition, and confidence.

Furthermore, you’re challenged to “go hard” in your career, taking on new challenges to lead, manage, and pursue your dream goals. This prompt will likely begin with a rethink which later evolves to a rebrand.



Libra | September 24 – October 23*

The year 2020 brings fantastic renovations to your personal life, home, and domestic or emotional world. It’s a powerful time for making changes that improve your living conditions, self-esteem, and comfort levels. You’re finding more joy in bringing order to your home life this year, and you’re determined to make things better!

Moreover, you’ll be questioning whether your current lifestyle is fulfilling you, receiving a nudge towards adopting beliefs that genuinely reflect the current “you.” Likewise, learning about your need for self-expression through adventure–or non-routine activities and experiences.

2020 is also an excellent year for you to get in touch with yourself–what you truly want from life, what childhood conditioning issues are damaging you or holding you back, and just how much power and strength you possess.

As the year progresses, you’re reaching a turning point with recreation, romance, and pleasure. You’re coming out of your shell and ready to share yourself with the world. New adventures, whether on the physical or mental plane, await.



Scorpio | October 24 – November 22*

For Scorpio, 2020 is powerful for learning, sharing, and connecting in brand-new ways. Your influence increases, creativity gets a nice boost, and money matters can improve dramatically. This is a time when you’re sharing and partnering in entirely different ways, and through changes and surprises, you get to know yourself, and your relationship needs intimately.

Your perspective is changing, taking you on a new path. You will be making powerful alliances as you rebuild your connections, studies, and interests—and being in the right place at the right time certainly helps. As the year advances, home and family come into sharp focus and by year’s end, you will be ready to launch a new venture that will stick with you and support you for many years to come. Flaws in your home life, domestic world, or support system are likely to surface, and it’s time to solidify, simplify, and fix problems.

Reworking something from the ground up may be necessary, but it can have long-term benefits. The year can bring much applause and appreciation from others and fabulous rewards for your efforts. You’re moving ahead, embracing your ambitions, and recognizing the need to change, reform, and renovate your projects.



Sagittarius | November 23 – December 21*

Sorting out and transforming your finances and belongings is what your 2020 will be about. It’s a powerful period for starting fresh, rebuilding, and making significant improvements to your income, spending, self-esteem, comfort, and security levels. You’re more disciplined than usual, and you’re deriving real pleasure from this fact. You’ll find it quite satisfying and enjoyable to build something solid and substantial for yourself in 2020.

Your daily routine is disrupted from time to time, but often enough, for the better. New and innovative ways of doing your daily life, work, and health are in order.

For the most part, you have your best face forward, and others find you easy to be around this year. Your true colors positively shine, and you have an aura about you that expresses vibrant, healing energy. Openness to learning, growing, and loving brings sweet rewards.

Beautiful developments regarding your earning power are in store, and likely to be profitable and productive. You’re more confident and enthusiastic about earning. Furthermore, your income might increase, or an opportunity to improve your future financial situation arises such as finding new ways to make money from hidden or current resources.



Capricorn | December 22 – January 20*

This is a powerful year for making positive lifestyle changes, friendships and connections, and for expressing yourself more confidently. Personal initiative is strong, and bettering yourself can be the focus. You may be working on healing any self-image issues or problems with presenting yourself with confidence. A newer theme also runs through the year–one in which you are discovering yourself creatively or through romantic connections. You are finding the time to pursue recreation, entertainment, hobbies, pastimes, or dating, and it’s a powerful diversion. You seem attracted to unusual avenues for self-expression, play, and enjoyment. Projects, studies, or pastimes are more fulfilling this year.

And as the year progresses, your focus will gradually shift—more on building your resources, budgeting, paying more attention to daily routines, and boosting your health by rounding out your life in simple ways.

You are also bound to find the time to express yourself in new ways. If you’ve ever been told you’re lacking imagination–or if you identified as not particularly creative–this is a year for discovering that you’ve been pegged all wrong. It’s all about feeling free enough to let your creativity loose, and there are a couple of supportive influences with you for much of the year that helps you do just that.

Love requires more freedom, spontaneity, or openness this year. Repeating the same old patterns is not going to work. Friendship is a key theme even in romantic relationships this year, and it requires a bit of a departure from tradition.



Aquarius | December 22 – January 20*

There has been a tremendous focus on a private, background sector of your solar chart and while this theme does continue, there is a distinct shift happening throughout 2020 that brings things out into the light! All of this translates to increasingly more clarity in your life.

Self-discovery is also a powerful theme this year, and it will blossom further next year. Another theme that will be with you more fully in 2021, but that’s beginning this year, relates to your social life, friendships, romantic relationships, your pursuit of pleasure and happiness, and creative output. You’re discovering unique ways to express and enjoy yourself.



Pisces | February 20 – March 20*

There is a considerable focus on your social life, networks, and business goals if you’re in business for yourself in 2020. Team efforts or collaboration can be in sharp focus and success. At the same time, sweeping changes may be in order for you to get to a place of improvement with friends, groups, or associates this year. It’s time for a clean-up of sorts so that you can live more authentically in your social life, and it’s of considerable benefit to you! It’s about making room for connections, relationships, and projects that empower you rather than consistently drain you.
There can be a stable yet fulfilling friendship or cause that both grounds you and brings you joy this year. Studies, contacts, and transportation, on the other hand, tend to be less predictable, but often inspiring.

You may discover that your interests are more eclectic in 2020, and this theme is likely to build further in the coming years. Acquaintances, classmates, siblings, or neighbors may introduce surprise elements into your life. New technologies or methods can open up new experiences or channels for transportation and communication, and perhaps can bring romance or recreational and expressive channels into your life.

Your thoughts and ideas can be scattered at times, but you’re making space for connecting with your inner muse or genius. You seem to need to make your own rules this year regarding making contact, learning, studying, communicating, and handling your everyday affairs. Do watch for a complete lack of routine that results in waste rather than inspiration. However, you undoubtedly need to do things a little differently now, and with moderation, you can be wonderfully inventive.



—(Source: Cafe Astrology)

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