2 dead in a grenade explosion in MisOr

(UPDATED) – On Thursday, a policeman died while more than ten got injured during a grenade explosion inside Initao College in Initao, Misamis Oriental. The man who brought the grenade also died on the scene after being shot dead by another policeman following the explosion.

According to the town police, the suspect—identified as Ebrahim Ampaso Basher, 65, of Madalum, Lanao del Sur—was earlier detained for carrying illegal lumber. Basher went to the local office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to have his truck released.

Basher had a heated argument with the DENR employees.

Police added that amid the argument, Basher had taken out a hand grenade and pulled out its pin. Upon seeing the grenade, the DENR employees immediately ran out of the office and sought refuge in a nearby covered court of the Initao College.

On the other hand, the Initao police station received a call on the situation and has quickly responded by sending out Master Sgt. Alice Balido and Master Sgt. Jason Magno at the scene.

As seen in photos and video clips taken and uploaded by netizens via social media, Basher was walking around the campus and has even tried breaking in one of the classrooms.

Intercept. A man with a cap tries pinning down the Basher (the man with a sling bag).  

Soon after, Basher went into the covered court, where he later dropped the grenade. The blast killed a police officer, Magno, and has injured students who were in the area.

A responding officer shot Basher following the explosion.

Casualty. As seen in the video footage, Master Sgt. Jason Magno (the man in blue) chase after the unpinned grenade.


—(Source: Inquirer.net)

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